5 Crappy Errors That’ll Kill Your Marketing Campaign

Yesterday, we had a call from a potential client…

…and it wasn’t pretty.

BTW: Our agency is at a stage where we can be super picky about what clients we take on (we’re lucky, we know).

They called us, because they wanted to take their business to the next stage (feet up on holiday, while the money rolls in kind of level).

We did our research, (as always) and found some really cool things, alongside some very PECULIAR stuff.

Yeah, peculiar (Einstein Marketer doesn’t get to use that word very much, so we’ll bask in it’s peculiarity a little longer).

Anyway, that call inspired this blog post.

Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two, and we won’t ever have to put up with a call like that again:

  1. I’ve Got a Gazillion followers, I’m AWESOME!

marketing errors followers

You’ve got a ton of followers? So what? If you’re that good, why’re you calling Einstein Marketer?

We’ll tell you why, because those followers were VANITY NUMBERS. They’d harvested every corner of the internet to boost their followers.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTThe quantity of your audience is nowhere near as important as the quality of it.

And what happens when you rope in a huge unqualified audience?

A huge cold shoulder.

Their posts and updates had all received 0-5 likes, shares and comments.

If you’re working on a social media campaign, and your audience is growing very slowly, DON’T PANIC! Developing a qualified audience can take time (depending on your industry), but one qualified audience member is worth 100 unqualified.


  1. My Website Looks Beautiful on a Laptop, what else do I need?

marketing errors


At this point in the call, we were very close to throwing the monitor out the window.

A stunning website is only worth its salt, if it’s optimised for mobile too!!!

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT52.2% of web traffic will come via mobile in 2018. Source: statista.

Every change you make, post you add, miniscule detail you adjust must be checked on a mobile!


If you’re doing it yourself, double check on your mobile when you publish. If not, make sure your programmer is optimising for mobile.

The percentage of users is on the rise, every year. People search the web when they’re on the move, cooking dinner, watching TV, brushing their teeth…it doesn’t stop!


  1. Our Sales Copy is the Best in the Industry!

marketing errors

OK, everyone reading this, stand up and give this caller a round of applause. Throw your UNDERWEAR on their stage, because they deserve it! They’re so good!

That was a joke. Put your pants back on.

Killer sales copy is all well and good, but only if it’s in the RIGHT PLACE.

Just because somebody is looking at your website/social media profile, it doesn’t mean you should sell to them! In fact, it’s the reverse. Please DON’T sell to them!

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTPeople love to BUY, but hate to be SOLD to. Psychology, it sucks, right?

A website should create brand awareness, drive traffic and ultimately, drive them into a structure that results in them buying. We call this a FUNNEL. It’s a nifty structure, not a dark art.

Think about it. How many products have you bought online, when you’ve been pitched to, without knowing anything about the business/product/service?

Probably NONE. But the sites you have bought from, will have moved you (unknowingly) through a funnel.


  1. We’ve Been in Business 10 Years, You’re Wrong, Not Us

marketing errors

Your audience aren’t converting (at an acceptable rate). Your ads have fallen flat on their face. Your traffic is low. Your cash flow is a mess. Your social media following is a scam.

But, you’ve been in business for 10 years, so those things don’t matter?


The marketing world is changing, DAILY. Strategies that worked yesterday, won’t work today.

If you’re going to be a success online, you need to be adaptable, willing to test, open to ideas and always ready to learn.

The staff at Einstein Marketer train on new techniques/ideas/strategies at least 3 times a week. EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER!

We have to be digital marketing Encyclopaedia’s if we’re going to serve our customers properly. Do the same for yours!


  1. No Goal/Strategy/Structure

marketing mistakes

We’ve saved the biggest gear-grinding mistake until last.

I’ll do my best to transcribe this part of the call:

Einstein Marketer: So, why are you calling us? What’s the ultimate goal for this marketing campaign?

Caller: Hmmmm…not sure really. Just want the whole digital marketing thing.

Einstein Marketer: OK…let’s make it a little easier, what’s the main focus? Do you want more people to know about your brand? Would you like more leads to follow up on? More social media engagement?


Einstein Marketer: More traffic? Higher conversion?

Caller: What’s gonna make me the most money?

Can you see why we had to write this post now?

Caller we spoke to yesterday (don’t worry, we won’t name and shame you), if you’re out there, please take the following advice:

If you’re going to commit to a digital marketing campaign, you must first decide on a CLEAR GOAL. Of course, we’d love to give you the world, but we aren’t God’s, we’re Einstein Marketer’s.

Most of the other COOL STUFF that everyone wants from digital marketing, comes as a bi-product of your original goal, e.g. improving brand awareness, will increase conversions. Generating traffic, will spike lead captures.

When you’ve got a clearly defined goal, you (or us, if you’re a client) can devise a strategy, and from there, create a structure that implements your strategy and helps attain your goal.


There is No Overnight Hack

marketing errors

Einstein Marketer would like to take this opportunity to dispel a few myths and crush the spirits of the phoneys in our industry:

There is no overnight hack.

You can’t call a marketing agency with absolutely nothing and expect them to earn you millions in less than 7 days.

And, you should never call an agency who promises they can. THEY’RE LIARS!

Be realistic with your goals, create a solid platform and always be willing to learn.

Stick to the above and you’ll make it. Sometimes it takes a while, but the more you put in (time and effort), the more you get out.

And check back to our BLOG for FREE advice. We like sharing tips that TRANSFORM marketing campaigns.

See you soon.

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