How to Create a BUZZ Around Your Business…and Make it EXPLODE!

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Have you ever watched a movie before anyone else?

It’s been HOTLY ANTICIPATED for ages, and your friends are really excited about seeing it.

Can you put a finger on the emotion you feel when they’re talking about it?

Are you excited for them? Do you feel a HIGHER STATUS (because you know something they don’t)? Do you want to blurt out all the best bits, just so you can talk about them?

That feeling…

…those three elements WRAPPED TOGETHER

…is what we want to give our customers when they buy our product/service.

We want them to be so EXCITED about receiving tons of value, that they have to share it with everyone else around them.

That’s the kind of BUZZ that snowballs.

And Einstein Marketer’s going to show you how to make it EXPLODE.


The Business BUZZ

create a buzz around your business and make its explode 

This type of hysteria isn’t built from branding, or hip images, and it will work for just about any business.

You don’t have to be selling the latest gadget, or trendy clothes to feel the heat…

…because we aren’t trying to push or market our business, we’re doing something much COOLER

…customers are going to SHARE, RECOMMEND and PROMOTE for us.

And trust Einstein Marketer, this BUZZ really BOOMS.


Find the BUZZ

create a business buzz and make it explode 

Our aim isn’t to trigger excitement, it’s to ELEVATE it.

There are 3 stages on a customer’s journey that we can pinpoint, glorify and create an explosion of excitement around.

This is where marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses, LEVEL UP.

  1. Immediately After Purchase

 business buzz, create a buzz around your brand and make it explode

Can you remember the last time you bought something online? How did you feel?

Even the smallest purchases give us something to look forward to.

This tiny buzz is a naturally occurring TRIGGER, and an opportunity that we cannot ignore.

Our first tip applies to businesses who sell SERVICES, INFORMATION PRODUCTS or MEMBERSHIPS.

Your product/service might be amazing, and offer HUGE value for a customer, but they just won’t be as excited as they would if they’d ordered a physical product.

So, what can we do about it?

Simple, we give them something for FREE.

The cheapest little item might look like nothing to you, but to a customer it’s another thing to be excited about. It piles ANTICIPATION on top of anticipation.

Try branded merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, stress-balls and keyrings.

Now that little nugget’s out the way, here’s something that applies to EVERYONE:

When a customer buys from us, we need to thank them (via email) …

…and then some!

An amazing way of doing this is by giving them a PASSWORD to a SECURE GROUP of buyers.

The excitement levels will be amped up by their acceptance into a secret fraternity, they didn’t even know existed, and…

…they’ll be 10x more excited about the product when they see all it’s awesome uses from fellow buyers.

We can also offer them a discount on FUTURE PURCHASES (in the thank-you email) if they share their purchase on social media.

In order to make this work, insert a ONE-CLICK link in the email. Don’t expect the customer to do all the work for you.

When they’ve SHARED it should trigger another email, that sends them the discount code.


  1. When Receiving Product/Service

create a buzz around your business and make it explode

This is the moment they’ve been waiting for. Their excitement is THROUGH THE ROOF when the delivery man turns up…

…or the day of their service.

But, how can we push it into the stratosphere?

By offering EXTRA VALUE!

Surprise them, give them more than they bargained for.

If you’re selling physical products, put an extra touch in the package. Insert a slip with more discounts, referral codes, or if you really want to KILL IT

… another SMALL product for FREE.

Imagine, ordering something, and an extra item arrives with it! How cool would that be?

Then you check your email, to make sure there’s been no mistake, and BOOM, there’s a message saying THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME, WE CHUCKED SOMETHING EXTRA IN THERE FOR YOU.

You scroll down the email, and there’s a share button, that says I’M AWESOME, LOOK AT WHAT IT GOT ME.

That sort of post creates a buzz. The customer’s status is elevated through surprise and thanks…

…and they’ll talk about it with their friends.

Einstein Marketer calls that a BUZZ EXPLOSION.

You’re welcome.

If you’re offering a SERVICE, EVENT or INFORMATION PRODUCT, you’ll want to do the exact same, but you’ve got an even bigger advantage…

…you’re there, in person.

That means photo’s, social shares, LIVE EXCITEMENT!

Capture the moment when they’re most excited and ask them to do it for you.


…if they didn’t join the GROUP at stage 1, offer them the chance to do it AGAIN. You’ll find many more accept HERE.


  1. After Receiving the Promised Benefit From your Product/Service

create a buzz around your brand and make it explode

Problem solved!

That’s a cool moment, right?

Let’s go back to the start of this blog when we spoke about the anticipation of watching a movie. Well… now we’ve seen it. We know all the JUICY BITS.

If you’ve followed our instructions, many of your customers would’ve joined groups and received extras with their purchase.

By this stage, they’re engaged with your brand and love your stuff.

Should we just leave them to it?


We can elevate their status further by SHARING their revelations.

Create contests for your community. Offer them further discounts in exchange for reviews and shares.


…shout out to them. Elevate their status. Celebrate their victories…

…send them merchandise that isn’t on sale, e.g. a t-shirt with a slogan promoting their WIN.

You can build a MASSIVE HYPE around your brand, just by producing a piece of KIT that money can’t buy.

Think about cycling. The leader always wears the YELLOW JERSEY. All the cyclists want it, because it has the status of a WINNER.

How can you do the same for your customers?

We want them to be so excited about IMPROVING THEIR LIVES with your product/service, that they just have to tell others…

…they want their friends to benefit, their families, their loved ones…

…just about everyone.


The (After) Buzz

 create a buzz around your business and make it explode

If you can harness these three points of excitement in a customer’s journey you will create brand evangelists and repeat buyers.

These guys turn one customer into five, regularly.

The digital world is such a competitive place that buyers are often floaters, drifting from one purchase to the next.

We don’t want that…

…so, create a BUZZ. Make it EXPLODE.


Have you got any good ideas for the 3 stages? Perhaps you’d like some advice for your business? Einstein Marketer doesn’t bite! Or ask for MONEY!

Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll get back to you with some FREE advice, as soon as our social media manager has stopped talking about how good he is at darts.

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