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Way back at the birth of the 20th century….

…King C. Gillette squinted up at his reflection and back at his blunt straight razor.

Before he could shave, he’d have to sharpen his blade or buy a new one, and straight razors weren’t cheap.

But, there had to be a better solution…

…and in that moment, King first DREAMED THE IDEA of disposable razor blades, made from thin sheets of metal.

People could simply discard their razors, and buy another cheap one, instead of having to maintain them.

After a few years of product development and testing, Gillette released his invention.


…those that heard about his revolutionary razors didn’t want to shift from the tried and tested technique and the rest of the world didn’t even know it existed.

the power of free giveaways

In 1903, Gillette’s first year of trading, he sold 51 razors and 168 blades.

Pretty weak numbers, right?

That’s what King thought too, so he set out on a mission to educate the world about disposable razors.

But, instead of plastering ads here, there and everywhere, he came up with a more cunning technique…

…his first action was to sell his razors (at a MASSIVE discount) to the US ARMY. Their employees would then be provided with his product for FREE.

He did the same to banks, who also gave them away to new customers, as part of a ‘SAVE AND SHAVE scheme.

And then Gillette Razors were found FREE with chewing gum, coffee, tea, spices, marshmallows…

…the list goes on.

Until, hundreds of thousands of people had tried his razors.

And because he’d produced a product that solved a SPECIFIC problem, created a demand and led customers onto a value ladder, the FREE giveaways have taken his company to…

…a brand value of $19.2 BN.

Not bad for a business built on FREE GIVEAWAYS, eh?


What’s the World Learnt?

free giveaways in marketing

Gillette’s success was down to his product. The disposable nature of his razors, forced those who used the FREE sample, to buy new ones…

…but, it doesn’t mean other businesses can’t use FREE GIVEAWAYS with blistering success too.

From free samples in supermarkets, free mobile phones with contracts, and subscriptions with 30 days free, there are a range of ways to create a need for your product with FREE giveaways.

But why?


The Power of FREE

free giveaways in marketing

There is no word in the human language that has a greater effect on consumers than the word FREE.

It is the single most powerful term in marketing, advertising and sales.

And for good reason…

…as well as creating a BUZZ, free creates ZERO RISK for customers, and makes us feel like we’ve got NOTHING TO LOSE.

It’s so powerful that it drives us to take samples, that we’d never even consider purchasing.

Let’s assume you don’t own a dog, and the local supermarket was giving away FREE dogfood. Most people (even though they don’t need it) would pick up a bag, just because they could!

But, if that dogfood was running at a promotional price of 10p, almost none of you would!

That’s the power of FREE.


What it Means for Einstein Marketers

FREE giveaways allow us to get our foot in the door and expose the true value of our product/service.

We can use our FREE giveaways as the first step on our value ladder, and as a way to collect leads (offer takers).

By simply placing a pixel on our website (Check out our Pixel Guide), we can discover a ton of data about these offer takers and retarget people who have similar interests (Use our Facebook audiences post for more information).

free giveaways in marketing

And it doesn’t stop there…

…if a customer loves your free product, it creates a sense of, ‘if this is what I can get for free, the product I have to pay for must be amazing!’

FREE is an amazing way to hook new customers. Think about your business, what could you giveaway to lure people up your value ladder?

If it worked for Gillette, why wouldn’t it work for you?

Did you like this blog? Have you ever had any experience with FREE products that create a desire to buy? Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our Social Media Manager has fixed the window he’s just forcibly broken (it’s now freezing in the office).

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