The 11 Reasons You Must Start Guest Blogging

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So, you think you’re fancy…

…you’ve got the website, a (slowly) growing audience and some social media followers.

That’s good, but it’s not great.

If you want to take your next digital step on the highway to greatness, start GUEST BLOGGING.

There are tons of websites (including Einstein Marketer’s) that are willing and waiting for your content and loads of benefits associated with contributing.

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Guest Blogging Advantage #1: Target Audience Exposure

Your target audience aren’t huddling around your website, waiting for the next post.

They’re out there, reading, learning and engaging on other sites.

And they’re doing it in much greater numbers!

When you know everything there is to know about your target audience (using a customer avatar), you’re much better equipped to predict their digital movements…

…meaning, you can find where they’re hanging out, contribute a guest post and receive 1000’s more qualified eyes on your content.


Guest Blogging Advantage #2: Links

guest blogging backlinks

Sites that host guest blogs (very) rarely offer any sort of monetary reward for your hard work, instead, they give something worth so much more…


A link to your site from a domain with HIGH TRAFFIC, coupled with an interesting, entertaining or insightful blog, guarantees referrals.

And leads onto our next guest blogging advantage…


Guest Blogging Advantage #3: Domain Authority

guest blogging domain authority google search console

Search engines view backlinks like recommendations.

If a website with a powerful domain authority links to your site, expect your search engine rankings to FLY

…and over time, your organic traffic.

Google currently controls over 86% of the search engine market, and their algorithm loves backlinks.

It makes your site more discoverable and indexable for user searches.


Guest Blogging Advantage #4: Social Media Shares and Follows

guest blogging social media shares

Do you think a successful blog will simply publish your post and abandon it?

100% of authoritative blogs have ascended to the pinnacle of their industry by promoting their work on social media.

And they’ll do the same for yours!

This will lead to a boost in shares, likes and follows for your brand…

…and a larger audience to promote your future content or products to.


Guest Blogging Advantage #5: Industry Authority

guest blogging industry authority trump

Publishing a guest blog through an external site will automatically enhance your reputation and industry authority.

When your peers consider your content good enough to promote, it filters through to your target audience.

Audiences will associate you with the blog host, earning you authority at a much faster rate.

Industry respect and recognition can take years to build, but guest blogging will act as a huge shortcut for your brand.


Guest Blogging Advantage #6: Brand Awareness

guest blogging brand awareness

The more often people see your brand, the better. FACT.

Greater brand awareness increases the association between your brand and industry, makes your name recognisable and affects the future decisions of your target audience.

If your target market ever requires assistance in your industry, they are much more likely to trust a brand they already know.


Guest Blogging Advantage #7: Relationship Building

Building relationships with businesses targeting the same audience is mutually beneficial.

They receive content that gives value to their existing audience, saving them time and research.

You receive the eleven advantages on this list!

Opening communication channels with others in your industry can lead to future assistance too!

This can open a whole host of (otherwise unknown) doors and opportunities.


Guest Blogging Advantage #8: Community Feedback

guest blogging community feedback

The best way to improve your knowledge and skills comes via feedback…

…especially when it’s from big authorities in your niche.

Perhaps they’ll give you a deeper insight on your chosen subject or ask you to add something you hadn’t even considered.

In other words, FREE IDEAS!


Guest Blogging Advantage #9: Improve Your Writing Skills

guest blogging writing skills

If you’re submitting to a blog with a decent audience, it’s more than likely they’ll have full-time staff dedicated to researching, writing, and editing.

They’ll help you improve your writing abilities. This can have hundreds of awesome knock-on effects, like…

lower bounce rate, increased user time on page, fewer skim readers, more industry respect and return readers.

Submitting posts to experts who write, edit and regularly consider content might seem daunting, but what have you got to lose?


And there’s plenty to gain.


Guest Blogging Advantage #10: Influence

guest blogging influence

Ever heard of influencer marketing?

If you haven’t, check out our blog (linked at the bottom of this post).

Influence is not the same as authority or expertise.

It’s your ability to affect an audiences’ decisions via knowledge and recommendations.

And it’s MASSIVE in marketing right now.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our full influencer marketing post after you’re done here.


Guest Blogging Advantage #11: Expand Your Personal Network

guest blogging expand network

As well as attaching your business to the guest blog…

…you’ll be asked for an author’s profile too.

Writing a convincing paragraph about your position, expertise and experience can encourage others to reach out and inevitably expand your network.


Guest Blogging: How to Get Started

Now you know the BIGGEST ADVANTAGES of submitting guest blogs, you’re probably keen to get started.

If you’ve got something relevant that you think will appeal to Einstein Marketer’s audience, send us an email with a few content ideas (don’t worry, you don’t have to write an entire blog first).

Otherwise, go to Google and search for one of the following:

(Your industry) + blogs accepting submissions

(Your industry) + blog

(Your industry) + guest blogging

These searches should bring up plenty of opportunities for your content marketing campaigns.

So, next time you write something really valuable, just remember, it’s probably worth more to your business published elsewhere.

Would you like to publish a post on Einstein Marketer? Perhaps you’d like to find out more? Leave a comment or send us a message, we’ll reply as soon as our social media manager has finished eating his ham rolls.

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