Monetise Your Website: 5 Proven Methods to Make More Money Online (without Ads)

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Wouldn’t it be sweet…

…to quit your full-time job, move to a tropical island, drink COCKTAILS in a hammock and all the while, make tens of thousands of £’s?

It would?

You better START working then.

Because this blog isn’t going to do it for you.

What it will do, is explain 5 methods for you to monetise your website. If you work hard, optimise your strategies and drive traffic, MAYBE it could replace your full-time job.

But that’s a big IF.

How far you take them, and what you make of these strategies is completely down to you. Not us. Not your friends, or family. YOU!

If you’re hoping to earn an extra income, diversify your digital business strategies, convert a traffic generating blog into cash, or improve your business’ turnover KEEP READING.

Here’s our top 5:

  1. Membership

monetise your website make more money online

So, you can generate traffic? Or you’ve got an audience hungry for your latest content? Maybe you own a business that educates? Or you’re starting a new blog?

A membership area could be your next money spinner.

If this strategy is going to work, the membership area must hold more VALUE than your website.

This could be templates, your hottest tactics, strategies and tips. Perhaps you’ve written ebooks, guides, instruction kits. Maybe you’ve got downloadable resources, case studies, or you’ve grown a HUGE hungry audience.

Einstein Marketer would advise keeping your free content consistent and valuable, whilst providing members with newsletters and MORE VALUABLE content.

If you are able to dazzle your traffic with FREE content, they’ll be desperate to become a member. They’ll think, ‘if this is how good the free stuff is, imagine how much value I’ll get for paying £3.99 per month’.

Here’s one more hot tip, don’t worry about charging a high monthly membership. If you charge just 0.99p per month for members, you’ll be much more likely to convert customers and you’ll lose less (membership cancellations).

Just imagine 5000 members paying 0.99p per month. That would replace most full-time incomes.

Start small, and BUILD.


  1. Job Board

monetise your website make more money online job adverts

Do you have a following in a specific industry? Or topic?

Try creating a job board.

Simply add a JOBS page to your website, and contact relevant businesses.

If they’re going to pay to advertise a job, they’ll want to know that you’re already generating relevant traffic, so make sure you’ve built up a decent readership first.

Job Boards are awesome because they’re EVERGREEN, they draw more traffic and they require little maintenance.

And, there are loads of ways to make money from them.

You can charge per advert, set up a business membership fee (e.g. 5 job adverts per month) and charge extra for featured job adverts.

They also add a ton of value to your site, and can position you as a POWERFUL force in your industry.

Get a job board right, and you might just make it to that hammock.


  1. Dropshipping (e-commerce)

monetise your website make money online drop shipping

Yes, we know it’s not new, but it’s definitely getting better.

If you haven’t heard of dropshipping, it’s the CHEAPEST and easiest way to open an online store and get started with e-commerce.

Find a supplier with goods you want to sell, list them on your website (without buying or holding stock), sell them to your traffic and the supplier will send the goods on your behalf to the customer.

Sound too good to be true?

Dropshipping is all about traffic generation and marketing. If you’re able to control the attention of an audience, create awesome social media ads and build a solid e-commerce reputation, there’s no reason you can’t make a MINT from it.

Dropshipping is an amazing way to monetise a website, because it requires little (to no) start-up costs.

If you’ve got a solid presence already, try a Dropshipper that customises merchandise, and sell it as an extension to your blog.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

 monetise your website make money online affiliate marketing

So, you don’t have your own product/service to sell? And don’t want to risk hiring a supplier?

Sell somebody else’s stuff then!

Affiliate marketing is MASSIVE. It’s everywhere. We bet you’ve bought a ton of affiliated products in your time.

Ever purchased a holiday from Expedia? Kayak? Or any other travel website with a choice of airlines and hotels?

Yep, they’re affiliates.

How about a fashion blog that’s recommended certain clothes?


An online store with unbranded products?

Probably affiliates.

Affiliate marketing works perfectly for niches. If you’ve got a blog, are just starting up, or you’re an expert in your industry, there’s a pile of money to be made.

Take a look at sites like ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associates or AvantLink, for more information.


  1. Sell a Digital Product

monetise your website make money online digital product ebook

Out of our 5 website monetising methods, this is the toughest, but potentially the most rewarding.

If you already create content, analyse your stats to discover your audiences’ most popular topics.

Use these to create an ebook, an online training course or a qualification.

Selling a digital product on your website will gain 100% profit.

That’s a cool margin, right?

It’s hard work though. Be prepared to work for hours, days and weeks at a time.

And all the while, you’ll need to keep driving traffic to your site.

But those 100% margins don’t come for free.


This Time Next Year Rodney…

monetise your website make more money online

…you might be a millionaire, but the likelihood is, you won’t.

These 5 methods are tried and tested. Yes, they make money, but it doesn’t come without hard work and effort.

You’ll start small, just like everyone else, but if you keep going, and put the time in, eventually you’ll have a slick system that builds and builds.

If you’re interested in one of our 5 methods, propel your progress with Einstein Marketer’s BLOG. It’s chock-a-block with Digital Marketing Strategies that generate traffic, create awareness and convert customers.

Did you enjoy this content? Do you know of another way to make money online (without ads)? Leave us a comment, or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our Social Media Manager has stopped moaning about how hungry he is.

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