The Perfect Offer: 7 Steps to Greatness

We see it every day…

Businesses with awesome products/services that for some reason, DON’T SELL.

We’ll get to WHY in a moment, but first let’s talk about what you’d do if your bank balance was 10x the size it is now?

Would you go on holiday? Buy a new car? Move into a bigger house? Buy better brands of clothes? Invest? Treat your family?

Whatever you decided, it would involve spending a small fortune, right?

We thought so. That’s because…PEOPLE LOVE TO BUY STUFF.  If you had more money, you would. If we had more money, we would too.

So, why aren’t people buying your stuff?

99% of the time, it’s a PROBLEM with your offer (assuming you’ve got a rocking product/service).

No sweat, Einstein Marketer will teach you how to build the perfect offer in 7 easy steps:



the perfect offer

We start by simply introducing our product. Doing it here earns trust and attention. It also drives away prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet.

If you’ve got a slick CONVERSION FUNNEL, your audience will already be QUALIFIED for an offer when they reach this stage.

An EINSTEIN MARKETER EXAMPLE– Let’s pretend we sell bottled water. (Stick around for a short video from an Einstein Marketer on this product a little later). We’d kick off our offer with something like this:

‘Today, Einstein Marketer wants to tell you about an exciting new way to improve your mood, boost your immune system and enhance your physical appearance. That’s right, it’s our latest product, Einstein Marketer H2o. If you want better hydration, with twice the taste, this is for you.’



perfect offer

The second stage of a perfect offer reinforces the product’s desirability with its biggest BENEFITS.

Think about how your product will positively affect a customers’ life, and tell them about it. They might have no idea how their life can improve

If you don’t do this, you’re doing humanity a disservice.

That might sound extreme, but it’s true. Your product exists to solve a problem. Solving problems, improves lives. 

Einstein Marketer H20:

‘What makes our water great is there’s nothing else to it. It’s just H20, in its purest form. We’ve even designed it in this really handy bottle, that makes it easy to hold while exercising, or when you’re on the go.

Our water is so pure, it amplifies all the health benefits associated with drinking plenty. That includes increasing energy, reducing fatigue, weight loss, flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion, boosting your immune system and so much more!’



perfect offer

Your prospects understand the benefits, but that really isn’t enough. We need to explain how they’re obtained. 

Your audience doesn’t believe in magic, after all. Tell them how the benefits tie in.

Einstein Marketer H20:

‘Health studies state that we need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. That’s all well and good, but what if we’re not drinking the right water?

We’ve found that drinking just one bottle of Einstein Marketer H20 a day, alongside 4-6 glasses of regular water, supercharges the gains of drinking plenty. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!’



perfect offer

The prospect knows we’re making them an offer, they understand the benefits and how it works. We’ve got to DIRECT them to buy.

Einstein Marketer H20:

‘If you want a healthier, energised body we’d love to send you the purest H20 on the market. A pack of 32 bottles, costs just £29.99, and that includes shipping.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a button that says, ‘YES, HYDRATE ME’. Click the button, and tell us where you’d like us to send it. We’ll post it straight away.’



perfect offer why

We can’t just leave our offer there. Humans are slaves for procrastination.

We view products, consider purchasing and then take time away to think. Most of us never return.

Let’s add some URGENCY straight after our buying directions.

We can do this by using 3 strategies:

  1. Supply– you’ve got a limited amount of stock, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.
  2. Price– you’ve got a special offer that expires soon.
  3. Deadline– we’re only selling this product for a limited time.


*THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT*- These urgency techniques should only be adopted if you are genuinely using them. DO NOT promote a special price that expires soon, and then run it for the following 10 months.

Whichever one you choose to use, be honest. Customers will soon find out if you aren’t.

Einstein Marketer H20:

‘Right now, our Einstein Marketer H20 is part of a special promotion. The price for a case of 32 is going up in just 3 days.’


‘We advise you to do this right away because we really put the quality of our H20, over quantity. Our water goes through the strictest purification process and this slows our production rates. We’re already low on stock! So, order today before you miss out.’

Both of these urgency messages would only be used, if they were genuine!



perfect offer bonus

Your prospect is keen to buy. We’re about to double that desire with a well-timed bonus.

This can be done in two ways (all depending on your urgency message):

  1. A bonus product/service/add-on
  2. An offer booster

Einstein Marketer H20:

  1. If you buy Einstein Marketer H20 TODAY, we’ve got some amazing news. As part of our special promotion we’re willing to throw in another week’s worth (YES! 7 more bottles) for FREE!’
  2. Order Einstein Marketer H20 today, and we’ll do something amazing. As part of our special promotion, we’re going to take 25% off the full price.’


  1. RECAP

perfect offer recap

Simply, pull out the main points of your offer in a sentence or two. This will reinforce the key benefits, the irresistibility of the offer and the need to buy, just before your customer sees the BUY BUTTON.

Einstein Marketer H20: 

‘What are you waiting for? Supercharge your heath, mood and appearance with the purest water on the market. Get it before we run out!’


The Perfect Offer: Summary

perfect offer summary

Simply showing an offer (using Einstein Marketer’s 7 step formula) to anybody with eyes, is going to convert at a low rate.

If you’re truly committed to LONG-TERM SUCCESS, you’re going to need to qualify an audience.

Promoting content around the product, will vastly improve conversion rates and INCREASE SALES.

For example, our Einstein Marketer H20 business would produce content about:

  1. The benefits of water
  2. The chemicals and impurities in regular water
  3. How much to drink
  4. What water does for your health
  5. How to optimise water drinking
  6. How to track the amount you drink
  7. And many, many more…

Our audience would reach our offer after consuming this content. Not only creating a THIRST for it (pun intended), but also qualifying them as having an interest in our industry.

If they’re engaged in the benefits of water, they’re much more likely to BUY.

Learn more about drawing qualified visitors into your CORE OFFERS, with our CONVERSION FUNNEL GUIDE.

Check out Mat’s Offer Advice:

And that’s your lot! Take our advice, get a pint of water down your throat and reinvent your offer with this sales-maximising template.

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