The ROAS Calculator

  We’re a marketing agency who take digital advertising seriously. As a gift for our audience, we’ve created this incredible ROAS calculator with built in averages! Using this tool you can estimate your return on advertising spend before you’ve even launched your campaign. Simply select your niche in the dropdown menu, input your ‘Monthly Advertising Budget’ and product ‘Sale Price’, and the calculator will do the rest for you! Alternatively, use the ROAS calculator in reverse, inputting your ‘Sale Price’ and ‘Monthly Advertising Budget’ first to discover the CPC and Conversion Rate you need to break even. If you’d like to see how your industry compares to others, check out our graphs at the bottom of this page. [em-calc]

ROAS Calculator: Average Conversion Rates (Facebook Ads)

roas calculator average conversion rates  

ROAS Calculator: Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

roas calculator average cost per click  

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