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  We’re a marketing agency who take digital advertising seriously. As a gift for our audience, we’ve created this incredible ROAS calculator with built in averages! Using this tool you can estimate your return on advertising spend before you’ve even launched your campaign. Simply select your niche in the dropdown menu, input your ‘Monthly Advertising Budget’ and product ‘Sale Price’, and the calculator will do the rest for you! Alternatively, use the ROAS calculator in reverse, inputting your ‘Sale Price’ and ‘Monthly Advertising Budget’ first to discover the CPC and Conversion Rate you need to break even. If you’d like to see how your industry compares to others, check out our graphs at the bottom of this page.

Monthly Advertising Budget

How much are you prepared to spend on digital advertising?
Digital advertising is a fundamental part of 21st century marketing. When you find an ad, offer and audience that make a return, you can scale up your digital advertising spend and take your ROAS percentage with it. Use the slider to see scaled up returns, as well as estimates for your next campaign. Learn more about improving your digital advertising and scaling up.




Projected CPC

This is the average cost of one person clicking on your digital advert, AKA Cost-Per-Click.
If you’re an experienced advertiser, use your experience or your most recent campaign to adjust the slider. If you’re new to digital advertising or would like to see the average for your industry, select your niche from the dropdown menu at the top of the calculator. This will display Facebook Advertising averages. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to discover CPC for specific Google searches.




Conversion Rate

The percentage of people who visit your landing page and agree to take your offer is known as conversion rate.
Conversion rate doesn’t just apply to people who buy, it is also appropriate for lead generation. If you’re experienced, you should already know your average conversion rate, but for everyone else, the dropdown menu will indicate your industry’s average buying conversion rate (from Facebook ads). Learn more about increasing your conversion rate on our guide to landing pages.




Sale Price

How much revenue (on average) are you generating per conversion?
Smart marketers and sellers will have upsells and cross-sells involved in their offer, take this into consideration when estimating your average sales price.





Number of Clicks



Customer Value

Expected Revenue

Return on Ad Spend

ROAS Calculator: Average Conversion Rates (Facebook Ads)

roas calculator average conversion rates  

ROAS Calculator: Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

roas calculator average cost per click  

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