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Thank you for your interest in the Einstein Marketer blog.

We accept guest submissions all year around and are proud to support fellow marketers reach new audiences, grow their presence and increase awareness.

As a blog, we are always on the lookout for talented contributors to increase the knowledge and skills of our audience. If you believe you are one of those people, please read our guidelines and submit!

Einstein Marketer’s Blog Guidelines  

Guest Blog Must Haves!

guest blogging submissions marketing blog

Every single article that is submitted to us must adhere to the following bullet-points. If your guest post fails to do this, we will be unable to review its suitability for our blog.

Your guest submission must be:

  • Original material that is unpublished elsewhere: We will not accept copied, already-published or unoriginal blogs.
  • 1000-3500 words: We will not consider anything that falls outside this bracket
  • Relevant: The primary focus of our blog is to educate our audience about digital marketing. Your submission must focus on relevant topics in this niche, including: Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Traffic (Digital Ads), Funnels, Email Marketing
  • Educational, not promotional: If you submit an article that is heavily promotional, we will not accept it. We only publish content that helps our audience.
  • Accurate: Every stat or source must be linked to valid data.
  • Includes a maximum of 2 links to any website within a single article: We are happy to link to relevant websites (that includes yours) but there should be no more than 2 links to any individual website within that blog.

Guest Blog Preferences

guest blogging submission marketing blog

We receive high volumes of guest submissions, and as such, we are unable to publish everything that we review. To give your article the best chance of being published, try to achieve as many of these preferences as possible.

Our guest post preferences:

  • Short paragraphs: Online readers have a short attention span. Long, chunky paragraphs encourage skim reading and page abandonment. If you are unsure about how to format an article, check out some of our blogs.
  • A sub-heading every 300 words (at most): Sub-headings break up written content, improve the reader experience and help visitors navigate to the most relevant section for them.
  • Minimum 3 original, free-to-use, or ‘labelled for reuse’ images: We do not want images that breach copyright laws.
  • Quotable lines and paragraphs for social media promotion: We often use the Click-to-Tweet function, as well as pulling quotes to promote already published articles.
  • Internal links to existing Einstein Marketer articles: If you link to our existing articles, it tells us that you’re a reader.
  • Video/GIF content to engage readers
  • Original data/case-study results

How to Submit

If you’d like to feel the benefits of guest blogging for Einstein Marketer, please email [email protected], and a member of our Content team will be in touch ASAP.

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