11 Best Online Tools For Blogger Outreach

by Irina Weber

Everyone knows that the blogosphere has become a powerful online marketing medium.

Today, bloggers and influencers are trusted voices who can drive more traffic, sales, and revenue. They can convey your message to other people and get a buzz started.

Reaching out to potential bloggers and building good connections with them is a time-consuming and intricate process, but it’s worth your while.

Bloggers can become brand advocates who can help you over and over again when it’s required. 

But there is one catch: many business owners know about blogger outreach, but they don’t know how to get started for guest posting, link building, or any other purposes. 

Using blogger outreach tools is a great starting point.

While some tools can help you find relevant bloggers and manage an outreach campaign, others can provide you with analytical data to determine the success or failure of your outreach efforts.

In this article, we’ll talk about 11 of the best blogger outreach tools that will help you make the whole process faster and easier.

Best Blogger Outreach Tools


Best for: Researching influencers and managing relationships with them. 


BuzzStream is a popular outreach tool that isn’t so much different from other tools on this list. But it has a few unique features that can help you send outreach emails and manage campaigns. 

When you browse the web, using BuzzStream’s browser extension you can easily add new social profiles, bloggers, and influencers to your database with one click of your mouse. 

One of my favourite features is the ability to automatically research influencers and send outreach emails at a predetermined date in the future. It also sends uniquely personalised follow-ups for your outreach emails.

BuzzStream gives a wide range of blogger outreach email templates you can choose from or create your own ones for later use.

You can also get detailed reports and easily record your progress to measure the effectiveness of each outreach campaign in the bulk. 

SE Ranking

Best for: Finding link building opportunities, monitoring your competitors’ campaigns, and the positions of keywords you’re trying to rank for. 

se ranking

SE Ranking is a multi-faceted marketing software that provides a bunch of useful tools.

A lot of people know that SE Ranking is good at tracking rankings in search engines and conducting a detailed SEO audit of all your website pages, but many of them don’t know that it includes useful tools for managing blogger outreach campaigns. 

Here are some of its best features you can use:

  • SEO/PPC Competitor Tool – Discover traffic and keyword analytics for your competitors that help you find topic ideas for guest posts.
  • Backlinks Checker  – Analyze the backlink profile of any website and give a detailed report on every backlink along with parameter data on the domains they originate from and the web pages they link out to. This will help you find new link building opportunities for keywords and record your progress.
  • Page Changes Monitoring – Monitor any changes on key pages of your website or other sites and track their results.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking – Get real-time rankings of your target keywords.


Best for: Finding relevant news articles, tweets, and blog posts from bloggers and journalists in your niche.


Anewstip is a free minimal Google-like search engine that helps you quickly build a contact list of your blogger outreach and reach out to them with personalised pitches.

As compared to other tools, it shows the Twitter timeline in true chronological order along with phone numbers, emails, and Twitter profiles.

You can also monitor the content marketing activity of your competitors, bloggers, and other people you want to connect with. 

Once you get the contact information of global media professionals, you can easily organise them in a separate media list. The best thing about it is that the list will be automatically updated once any changes in the phone number or email address happen.

Moreover, if you want to search specific media outlets or departments within CNN (like CNN international, CNN travel, etc.), you can choose “Outlet profiles” and enter “CNN” in the search box. 


Best for:  Brainstorming your unique ideas and building your personal brand.


The best way to build your authority and find like-minded bloggers in your niche is to become a part of MyBlogU.

This is an extremely active platform of bloggers that are looking for expert opinions, promote their digital assets, crowd-source their content ideas, and just help each other. 

It’s a great tool to connect with relevant bloggers and build long-term relationships online.

If you want to show your own authority and add value to the community, take this chance to cut through the clutter. Moreover, this tool is easy-to-use and free of charge.


Best for: Building influencer lists and monitoring trending topics.

] buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is one of my favourite tools that I usually use to find relevant bloggers to reach out.

I love this tool for the ability to filter results by the time frame, industry sectors, and analyse influencers based on different KPIs.

The tool allows you to identify powerful people in your niche that you can collaborate and increase your brand awareness.

With the option of identifying Facebook and Twitter influencers, you can also reveal bloggers and thought leaders in your niche. 

Another great feature is to discover the most shared content of any keyword or website, generate a lot of unique ideas, and detect a wide range of influential blogs.

You can also create alerts for a certain topic, brand, keyword, or competitor that will help you find top influencers and get new leads.

Facebook Groups

Best for: Sourcing new content ideas and building long-term relationships with other bloggers.

facebook page likes free

Facebook Groups are great not only for generating content ideas – they can help you build connections with other bloggers and grow your blog.

Many bloggers use Facebook Groups to look for guest posters and other experts to interview. Make sure to look through these types of posts.

A lot of bloggers write different monthly roundup posts and blog posts. Connecting with those bloggers is a great way to get featured in these articles on Facebook Groups.

Using this approach, I’ve got a lot of quality links by offering relevant content for their articles. It also helps you expand your target audience and your reach. 

You can start blogger outreach by using the following Facebook groups:


Best for: Finding email addresses of bloggers.


Identifying the right email addresses of bloggers and journalists is an important task for the overall blogger outreach process.

Once you get their direct emails, you will have improved chances of getting responses. Otherwise, your emails won’t reach an endpoint or even won’t reach at all.

That’s why it’s effective to use outreach tools like Hunter that can help you find and verify email addresses of any bloggers, authors, or journalists. You can also find the emails of particular team members of the organisation. 

The tool shows whether a certain email address is verified or not.

You can easily export email addresses and use them via your CRM software. Moreover, if you have limited needs, you can use the tool for free.


Best for: Monitoring mentions of any brand, blogger, or keyword in real-time.


Awario puts Google Alerts on steroids. It goes deeper than Google Alerts and monitors different keywords across various channels in your niche.

The tool works with Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and different websites around the web.

You can also use a lot of filters to get relevant results.

With the Boolean search, you can create custom search parameters and get accurate search results. For example, you can set up your alert to find top bloggers and guest posting opportunities. 

The tool provides powerful analytics on one dashboard where you can see how many mentions you get from a source, a list of people with a large following, and have mentioned your keyword earlier.

You can also see the growth, sentiment, and reach a change in real-time.


Best for: Identifying influential authors and bloggers related to your niche with ratings.


ClearVoice is a great content marketing platform that has an impressive roster of influential authors and bloggers that can help you get the right voices behind your content.

The tool gives an influencer scoring metric to each author based on certain parameters. For example, you can see how many websites a blogger has contributed to, how many people are sharing his content, and how often he publishes new content.

Brian White of Attorney Brian White & Associates says, “the best way to use it is to search by a certain author, topic or domain to figure out what other websites the author contributes. This way we can create a high-quality list of websites we want to target for our content marketing campaign.”


Best for: Building digital connections with bloggers and getting high-quality backlinks.


HelpAReporterOut (HARO) is a great platform designed for journalists and bloggers who are searching for contributions from powerful media outlets.

This is where you can build long-term relationships with influencers and reporters by sharing your quality content and get good links for your website in return.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best for: Engaging with personalised outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an effective channel to connect with your targeted prospects on the fly and take relationships to the next level. It helps companies to interact with people within the LinkedIn platform.

You can also receive real-time updates about influencers or consumers. It gives an advanced search for field-specific lead email outreaching activities.

Bonus tool: Finteza

Finteza is an advanced web analytics tool that enables you to track your sharing activity, engagement, and the quality of your traffic in real-time.

It provides accurate in-depth traffic source statistics that can help define which websites are effective and which ones don’t produce the desired result.

Wrapping up

Everyone knows that people often pay a lot of attention to bloggers and trust their advice when doing online research, for example, buy a product or learn more about a service.

Bearing this in mind, it’s important to consider the power of bloggers and influencers to handle the content generation and management.

Choosing the right blogger outreach tool for your marketing needs will help to do so with a greater level of success.

Irina Weber is a freelance writer and content strategist at SE Ranking. She loves helping brands to create, publish, repurpose, and distribute content through different marketing channels. She is a regular contributor to a lot of media outlets like SEW, SME, SMT, CMI, etc.

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