Customer Avatar: Hit Your Target Market like a Digital Marketing Pro

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You’re like us, aren’t you?

Always on the hunt.

But while you’re sharpening your arrows, we’re already in our hideout, ready to pick off our target market at will.


EinsteinMarketer do it better than most. And if you hang around for just a few more minutes, we’ll let you into our biggest target market hitting secret.

But first, let’s consider the history of the world.

No, we aren’t going back to the Neolithic age. Let’s rewind twenty, maybe thirty years. When flared trousers were cool, and finding a source like EinsteinMarketer was a near impossible task.

That’s right. A world before phones and the internet. A place where modern people would feel naked everywhere they walked.

If you wanted to advertise to your target market in a time like this, how would you go about it?

Television? Radio? Newspapers? Billboards? Posters? Leaflets?

You’d have to reach a thousand regular Joe’s, just to hit ten of your own.

The good news is, we don’t have to do that anymore. Our spears and leaf skirts are smouldering in the fire.


Customer Avatar- Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing arrows

We can target our market directly.

Let’s say you’re selling wedding dresses. If you paid a bomb to advertise on the television, how many single, or married people would see your ad before it reached engaged couples?

A lot.

That’s a hell of a lot of wasted money. Let alone time.

If you’ve paid attention to Einstein Marketer’s Top of Funnel blog, you’re probably on the right track already. But before we drill down into how to reach them, we need to figure out who they are.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT Direct marketing is the highest converting form of advertising.

‘But Einstein Marketer, we already know our target market.’

Do you? I mean, really? Do you know exactly what they look like? What they eat? Where they hang out?


Customer Avatar: Congregation

customer avatar congregation

The great thing about the internet is that people congregate. They gather together in groups, and read or discuss their interests.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTFind out where your target market congregate online and place an advert there.

We aren’t talking once a month here guys. Smart phones have made it possible everywhere. So why pay for an expensive billboard on the train, when your target customer has most likely got their eyes glued on a phone?

A general idea of your target customer isn’t enough anymore.

We need to know everything. What time they get up in the morning? What’s their favourite food? Their favourite colour? Do they have children? What do they read?

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT If you’re struggling for customer avatar ideas, get the answers from your existing list with a survey or quiz.


Customer Avatar Examples

customer avatar example

If you think you already know your target market but your customer avatar looks like this:

Our ideal customer is aged between 30-45. They are hoping to improve their online presence with a better digital marketing strategy. They have already had some business success but are very ambitious and would like to take their company to the next level.

You haven’t listened!

An Einstein Marketer Customer Avatar will look like this:

Amanda (Yes, we name our avatar) is a 34-year-old entrepreneur based in Greater London. She is the mother of two children aged 2 and 5, and is happily married.

Her online business turned over £100k last year, but she’d like to expand her product range, create a sleeker digital presence, and triple her turnover for the next year.

Amanda has a Business Studies Degree, which gained her a graduate job in a large corporation. She used this experience to start up her own company.

Of her £100k turnover, she took £30k as salary. This is less than she was earning in her previous position, and she is very eager to improve upon this.

Amanda lives by the mantra, ‘You only live once.’ And she carries this quote in everything she does.

She wakes up every morning at 6.30am to get her eldest child ready for school. While they’re eating breakfast, she reads the local newspaper on her phone and keeps a track on the latest Digital Marketing trends on and her Google+ account.

Amanda is very interested in superfoods. She believes it will help her children, and improve her own health. She is always scouring the internet for superfoods she thinks her children will eat.

After taking her eldest to school and chatting with a friend about the local news, she goes for a run. Amanda has a pain in her knee, and believes the cure could be some new running shoes or an age-related fitness product.

When she is home she will listen to 90’s pop hits in the shower, before beginning work by researching similar businesses to hers. She will look at their blogs for content ideas.

We could go through Amanda’s entire day, but that’d take up all of yours.


Customer Avatar: Advertising Lessons

customer avatar lessons

So, how can Amanda’s customer avatar routine optimise our direct advertising spend?

We could advertise on:

-Local newspaper websites

Digital Marketing blogs

-Post articles on

-Join similar Google+ groups and contribute

-Superfood websites and blogs (specifically ones that target children’s food)

-Fitness product websites and blogs

Blogs and businesses in the same industry as hers

And that’s just from her morning routine! Imagine what we’d learn from her entire day.


Customer Avatar Template

If you’d like ideas for your customer avatar, check out our Customer Avatar Template, and before you ask, no we aren’t after anything in exchange, not even your email address.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTWhen you’ve got a detailed avatar, create a customer avatar story like ours above. This will optimise your ad spend to certain times of the day and help you understand your ideal customer in greater depth.

Are you starting to understand what we need to know about our target market?


Shall I write it again, just to make it clear?


The more we know, the easier it is to find their congregation spots. And let’s face it, we don’t want to waste money on regular Joe’s.

We want our potential customer’s eyeballs on our marketing plan. Nobody elses.

So, why don’t you download our Customer Avatar Template, and get started?

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