It’s Google’s 20th Birthday!!! Here’s the Ultimate Google Infographic!

by Josh Barney

The Google Infographic

google infographic stats

Text Version:

The Google Infographic: Their History 

They’ve come a long way…

Google was founded on 4th September 1998, by Stanford University Ph.D students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The company was launched with the financial backing of $100,000. Twenty years later it is valued at over $739 Billion.

In 1999, Page and Brin tried to sell Google to Excite for $1 million. Excite CEO George Bell turned down the proposal, even after the founders valuation was talked down to $750k

Google Adwords was launched on October 23rd 2000 with just 350 advertisers. Today Google own 44% of all global online advertising revenues.


Google Infographic: Statistics 2018

20 years after their launch, Google are dominating… 

Google’s .com domain receives approximately 44 Billion visits per month according to SimilarWeb. Not including .de .fr, which each receive billions of views themselves.

15 of the top 50 websites worldwide are Google Search Engines (SimilarWeb)

Google own 90.91% of the search engine market

The most searched for term on Google in August 2018 was Facebook

Throughout June 2018, there was an average of 3,788,140 Google Searches performed every minute

Google’s quarterly revenue for Q2 2018 was $32.5 Billion

An average visit to in August 2018 lasted 8 minutes 55 seconds.


Google Infographic: Not Just a Search Engine 

In 1998 Google’s founders couldn’t have dreamt of their market domination, now they’re dominating other tools too…

Google Chrome was launched in September 2008, it is now the most popular Internet Browser in the world, holding a global market share of 67.66%, a long way ahead of its closest competitor, Firefox, with just 10.96%.

Gmail serves 27% of all email users, second only to iPhone with 28%

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular analytics tool, with over 138 Million visits per month.

Google Maps has a 67% share of the market, streets ahead of their nearest competitor Waze, who have 12% in comparison.

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