Don’t Miss a Single Micro-Moment

by Harsha Kiran Reddy

What’s a micro-moment and why should a marketer pay attention to it?

In this post, we will answer that question and look at how marketers can use micro-moments to increase conversions.

What is a Micro-Moment?

Essentially, a micro-moment happens when a person wants to find something out, buy something, or do something by using their smartphone to help them accomplish these actions. So, when you run a search on your smartphone to find the nearest dentist, that’s an instance of micro-moment.

Why Does This Matter?

In these situations, people are looking for a solution and are more receptive to marketing messages. If your company can come up with the answers first and take advantage of these micro-moments, you can expect higher conversion rates.

Are Mobiles Really All That Important?



According to Statista, 62.9% of the global population had mobile phones in 2016. With mobile devices and smartphones becoming more accessible, that figure is expected to increase to 69% by 2019. The mobile revolution is firmly established, and it’s time to acknowledge that.

Why Are People Turning to Mobile?

It’s simple – pure convenience and the improvement of tech. With the rise of voice search tech and the improved accuracy of results, mobile devices are becoming even more convenient. So, it makes sense for businesses to optimise their sites for mobile users.

If you’d like to learn more about optimising your site for mobile search, this infographic about voice search will point you in the right direction.

Generally speaking, though, you’ll find that the tweaks that you need to make are pretty similar to the standard SEO tips and tricks. The focus, however, is more on longer form content and using natural language.

How Can Micro-Moments Boost Conversions?

conversion rate micro-moments

Marketing is all about exploiting the desires or needs that consumers have. Micro-moments provide the perfect opportunity to meet the client’s immediate needs in a practical fashion and at a time when they are more receptive to your marketing message.

How can you take full advantage of this? Let’s examine that more closely.

Micro-Moments Allow a Step By Step Approach

As a society, we are busier than we have ever been. People are looking for quick and easy solutions. Small, manageable steps that help clients reach their goals are perfectly suited to the needs of consumers who have less time on their hands.

Create chunks of information that are easily digestible. This is the way to reach consumers who are too busy or distracted to consume large swaths of information. Think in terms of highly targeted information that assists the time-strapped consumer.

It could be creating a list of product features or creating location-based content. The focus needs to shift from outright selling to providing the consumer with an outstanding experience. Help them solve a problem by providing on-target information in bite-sized pieces.

Mobile-First Content


If you are only going to implement one strategy on this list, this is the one to focus on. With the number of mobile devices out there, it has become essential to ensure that your site and content will display well on any screen size.

Consumers may decide to search for travel ideas, for example. And you can provide a lot of gorgeous pics and information to support them in this query. Which all amounts to nothing if they are not able to view the information properly, or if they are not able to navigate the site to book the trip.

Consider Foot Traffic

If you are a brick and mortar grocery store based in London, you’ll want to optimize your site for local search. While it is possible to rank in a general search, it may not be the most efficient use of your time. After all, if all your traffic is coming from towns far away, it won’t do your business much good.

Further to this, with the rise of smartphones, location-based searches are becoming pretty standard. You don’t have to ask Siri for the nearest grocery store. Unless you specify otherwise, she is going to list the best results in the surrounding area. This means that if you are not optimising your site for local searches, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic.

So, work on improving your local search engine ranking as a priority.

Make it Fast

You might think that you have time to convince consumers to try out your product. You don’t. Consumers make split-second decisions because there is such a wealth of information available to them.

If your information is not measuring up or it looks like it will be hard work to read through, they just need to click through to the next result on the list. Consider the content that you provide and optimise it for each different stage of your client’s journey. That way, you send out a more targeted message that is likely to appeal to them at the stage of the journey that they are in.

For example, someone looking for travel ideas is at the very beginning of their journey. So, you would provide content that they would find visually appealing and interesting. Someone who has decided on a destination and is wanting to book an airline ticket on the other hand, wants easy access to price and flight information.

Give Advice Where Possible

Good advice is a useful commodity online. People are looking for solutions when it comes to getting the most out of products they have already bought. And they’re more likely to search for information online than reading the manual.

Creating tutorials is a great way to take advantage of this search for information and improve your client’s experience. They can be a great sales tool as well. They provide an in-depth look at a particular product and subtly highlight its benefits for those who haven’t bought it yet.


The aim of micro-moments is to provide the best information and the best possible customer experience. Being the brand that supplies the right information first can garner you a lot of points when it comes to clients making a buying decision. Take full advantage of these micro-moments, and you can boost conversion rates almost effortlessly.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO techniques, check out SEO Tribunal, The 35 Most Important Google Ranking Factors in 2018 or find out how to supercharge your mobile page load speed and boost your SEO with AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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