3 BIG Mistakes (You’re Making) That Are KILLING Your Organic Reach on Facebook

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More than anything, Facebook want…

…their users to have the best possible experience on their network.

But, as businesses, we want our brand, content and offers to reach as many people as possible.

So, who’s winning?


An increase in competition for space on the newsfeed has forced Facebook to decrease the organic reach of business page’s posts.

In fact, as an average, Facebook only organically show 2-6% of your Page Followers the posts you’ve published…

…and, the greater the size of your page likes and follows, the lower that percentage becomes.

So, how can we MAXIMISE our reach? And, what must we AVOID to optimise our audience size?

Einstein Marketer’s rounded-up the THREE MOST COMMON MISTAKES that are KILLING your FACEBOOK AUDIENCE REACH…

…and, how to avoid them.

We promise you’ve almost definitely made one (or all) of these errors…

…so stick around, we’ll make sure it never happens again. 

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EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTEngagement is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to organic reach on Facebook. Try to create posts that receive shares, likes and comments. 


facebook organic reach number of posts

Before we dive in too deep here, I need to make a clear and obvious statement…

…if you post 100 times per day, you’re going to reach more people than if you post once.

That’s a FACT, and I’m not going to argue with it, but…

…your audience might.

Imagine how you’d feel if the same salesman kept knocking on your door? Or calling your personal number? Or appearing on your PERSONALISED NEWSFEED?

Annoyed? Irritated? Harassed?

If you were capable of stopping it, would you?

With weapons like the UNFOLLOW and UNLIKE buttons, people are able to do just that.

And, it gets worse.

Facebook know how irritating constant posting is too. So much so, that after your THIRD post in a day, they’ll start showing all subsequent posts to fewer and fewer people.

In other words, you’ve got THREE posts per day that have the chance of reaching their OPTIMUM organic reach…

…and after that, you’re penalised at an increasing rate.

So, what should we do?

Einstein Marketer suggests posting a MAXIMUM of 3 times per day, EVERY DAY, and…

…quality will always trump quantity.

Work hard at perfecting TARGETED content, and your reach will grow as a result.


Audience Reach KILLERS: #2 TIME ON PAGE

 facebook organic reach audience posting times

Anybody can make crazy claims, lies or irrelevant assertions.

If we were to post an article titled, THE 7 BIGGEST LIES IN CONTENT MARKETING, but instead of using that headline to promote our article…

…we posted (on Facebook) a link to our article under the headline, THE QUEEN IS DEAD!

Einstein Marketer would probably see a crazy spike in our site views (because news like that will ATTRACT EVERYONE!)…

…but we’d see a MASSIVE DROP in our organic reach.


Because CLICKBAIT HEADLINES are recognised by Facebook.

The social network actually tracks how long people visit the pages that are linked from their site, and if the bounce rate is high and time spent on page stats are short…

…you’re screwed!

Facebook want their members to have an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. If their network is displaying links to a poor quality site, it goes against everything they’re aiming to achieve.

So, how can we avoid this?

The above example is an extreme one.

CLICKBAIT headlines don’t need to make up crazy lies, they just need to EXAGGERATE the quality or need of the linked content.

Einstein Marketer suggests making it CLEAR to your audience what’s behind the link and then, backing it up…

…kinda like this article. We told you we’d teach you about 3 common mistakes affecting your facebook audience reach, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


Audiuence Reach KILLERS: #3 ASKING

facebook audience organic reach

Facebook hates cheaters…

…and that’s exactly what they think is happening when you start asking.

To explain this one a little easier, we’re going to need to call on the Einstein Marketer Moment published earlier in this article:

Engagement is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to organic reach on Facebook. Try to create posts that receive shares, likes, and comments. 

Simply put, if your post is receiving tons of comments, shares and likes, Facebook’s algorithm will recognise this and post it in loads more NEWSFEEDS

…because it thinks that post is LIQUID GOLD, and their users will love it.


…if you ask for anything in that post, e.g. comments, likes or shares…

…Facebook will hardly show it to anyone.


They think it’s cheating!

Gone are the days when we could say something like: 






Facebook doesn’t like it anymore!

So, if you’ve been writing something like the above in your posts and wondered why your ORGANIC REACH has plummeted to ridiculously low levels…



Audience Reach KILLERS: What Next?

organic reach facebook audiences

2018 has been such a tough year for the world’s biggest social network, that Zuckerberg has even had to attend a hearing at the Senate!

And because of this, our lives have been made harder.

Avoiding these 3 BIG Mistakes, guarantees to improve your organic reach…

…but, as that is only 2-6% of your followers, it’s important to BOOST posts (as ads), and adopt a host of new AUDIENCE MAXIMISING strategies.

Don’t sweat it, Einstein Marketer’s got those too…

…because we aren’t just advertising experts, we know how to improve the fortunes of those on a tight budget too.

Keep a close eye on our blog, leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply with the publishing details of that MASSIVELY IMPORTANT post as soon as our social media manager has stopped playing football games on his phone.

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