21 Weird and Wonderful Productivity Hacks Guaranteed to Increase Your Output

by Josh Barney

Even if you’re working at 110% effort

…that doesn’t mean you’re reaching your optimum productivity output.


Because being productive isn’t just about working hard, it means WORKING SMART too.

Our 21 Weird and Wonderful Productivity Hacks will help you find that perfect balance and kickstart your output.


Productivity Hack #1: Go Green 

productivity hacks office plants

No, we aren’t talking about your fashion choices…

…get yourself some OFFICE PLANTS!

Placing one of these green-leaved friends on your desk holds all sorts of amazing effects.

Studies have shown that they improve CONCENTRATION and productivity by up to 15%! And not just that, plants reduce stress levels, boost your mood and…

…a study by NASA revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours.


Productivity Hack #2: Avoid Rabbit Holes

productivity hacks and tips

Ever visited a website or app that you’d only planned on visiting for a moment…

…and before you know it, you’re consuming some vaguely related content 45 minutes later?

We call that a rabbit hole.

Find out where your entry points are and AVOID THEM!

If your willpower really isn’t that strong, use a TEMPORARY WEBSITE BLOCKER to…


…temporarily block websites.

Chrome has an extension called StayFocusd, Mac has SelfControl, and the world wide web has hundreds of others.


Productivity Hack #3: Go into The Light


If you find yourself in a dark tunnel, with a clear white light at the end don’t head towards it, but…

…if you find yourself in a workplace that always has the blinds, shutters or curtains closed, OPEN THEM.

Tons of neuroscience studies have been undertaken on the benefits of natural light, here are just some of the most eye-opening results:

-Office workers with windows sleep an average of 46 minutes longer than those without (we’ll get to the importance of this a little later)

-Workplaces with good daylight have a 3-40% gain in productivity and sales

-Workplaces with poor sunlight have higher sick leave by 6.5% (on average)

-Daylight supports the regulation of VITAMIN D, serotonin, melatonin and healthy skin development. These are all super-important for PRODUCTIVITY!


Productivity Hack #4: Unsubscribe

 productivity hacks and tips marketers

Is your inbox still clogged with marketing emails from the same company you tried a FREE-TRIAL with 3 years ago?

Unsubscribe from them…

…and anyone else you won’t open emails from.

Every marketing email must give you the option to UNSUBSCRIBE, scroll to the bottom and (usually in the tiniest print possible) you’ll see an Unsubscribe button. 

Hit it!

It will keep your inbox clear and focused and create one less irritating distraction.


Productivity Hack #5: MOVE!!!

productivity hacks and tricks marketing 

Want to get fat, unhealthy and demotivated?

Then sit at a desk all day.

If you aren’t one of those strange people who’re planning on devolving from human to potato, MOVE!!!

Sitting at a desk all day has tons of CRAZY-BAD effects on your health like…

…digestion problems, increased risk of fatty acids clogging your heart, posture problems, back issues, lack of energy…

…so, make sure you get up and move, at least once every hour. Even if it is a short walk to the water tank or the toilet!

The increase in energy from this simple task will shock you!


Productivity Hack #6: Batch

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

It’s so easy to get bogged down by small tasks.

Einstein Marketer suggests batching similar tasks together and smashing them out in one hit.

Whether it’s scheduling posts, replying to emails or analysing the latest metrics…

…don’t tackle them one at a time.

Look at a task like ‘replying to emails’ as one task, rather than 5 different jobs with 5 different recipients.


Productivity Hack #7: Music, But Only the Right Kind

productivity hacks and tricks marketing  

Good news for all those music lovers…

…it’s proven to boost productivity.

But bad news for anybody who likes music with singing/lyrics…

…because it’s been proven to decrease concentration and productivity.

Music RELIEVES negative emotions, like stress, anxiety and depression.

In the workplace, music makes us focus on the task in hand and fog out background noise.

Find a genre that works for you and stick with it…

…but those catchy pop tunes that you can’t help but sing along to, are a definite no-no.

You’ll be too focussed on the words, and not on the task.


Productivity Hack #8: Declutter

 productivity hacks and tips marketing

It’s believed that cleaning your workspace improves focus and keeps you concentrated on being productive…

…but, that’s NOT THE REASON it’s made our list.

If you’re one of those people (like me!) who feel an amazing sense of pleasure, relief and catharsis AFTER (not during!) a big clean up…

…you’ll understand.

When a (normally messy) workplace is pristine, it drives our productivity to new heights.


Productivity Hack #9: Bin ‘To-Do’ Lists

We’re all guilty of creating ‘to-do’ lists somewhere down the line…

…but, does anyone know why?

These to-dos are basically a long list of stuff that we plan to get round to, but DON’T.

So, don’t even bother!

The next time one of these tasks come up, BOOK IT IN or SCHEDULE IT!

That way, you’ll never not-get-around to anything again.


Productivity Hack #10: Kill the Notifications

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

Ever had one of those crazy hours where every man and his dog want to get hold of you, via every different app on your phone…

…we do, ALL THE TIME

…that’s why, (sometimes) for thirty minutes here and there, one of us might switch off the notifications and focus on the task in hand.


Productivity Hack #11: Pomodoro Technique

Yes, Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato…

…but, this technique has nothing to do with fruit (shame on anyone who thinks tomatoes are vegetables!)

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed in the 80s.

It advises using a timer to break work into 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks between…

…these bitesize chunks of effort can do wonders for your productivity, so give it a shot!


Productivity Hack #12: Morning Exercise

 productivity hacks and tricks

Exercising before work has been proven to actually INCREASE ENERGY (provided you don’t near-kill-yourself on the treadmill).

And not just that…

…it improves brain function, keeps you alert for longer periods and shows you how to work THROUGH DISCOMFORT

…if you’re able to keep going when your body is aching and you’re struggling for the next breath, that awkward email feels MICROSCOPIC in comparison.

Exercise is a tool adopted by most successful people, and there’s good reason for it!


Productivity Hack #13: Hydrate

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

A 1% drop in hydration can lead to a whopping 12% reduction in productivity!

So, make sure you’re drinking water.

The amount you need to drink depends on your lifestyle and the climate you live in, but just make sure you’re getting at least 2 litres per day.

If you work in an office, bring a bigger flask in for the water cooler. If there’s no water cooler, buy a water filtration device and hit up the tap!

A 3-4% drop in hydration can create (as much as) a 50% reduction in productivity!

Make sure you and your team are drinking plenty.

(And no, coffee doesn’t count)


Productivity Hack #14: Sweet Dreams

 productivity hacks and tips marketing

While we’re talking about the body…

…it’s CRUCIAL that you get a good night’s sleep.

That means somewhere in the region of 7 hours (or more) sleep per night.

Some of you may think that working until 2 in the morning, and then waking up and restarting again at 5 is a productive idea, but…


Sleep improves focus, prevents mistakes, helps decision making, stops burnout and gives your mind and body time to recover.

If you need a nap in the day, take one of those too! But try to keep it under 20 minutes! Any longer and you might be even drowsier when you wake up.


Productivity Hack #15: Say No

 productivity hacks and tips marketing

If you’re one of those people who try to do everything, for everybody then STOP IT, it’s affecting YOUR success.

These ‘little favours’ can massively ruin your routine and seriously slow down your productivity rates.

Learn how to say no to people.

You aren’t a SUPERHERO, you’re one person.

If you’re confident that you’re going to complete your tasks, give somebody a hand, if not, just SAY NO.


Productivity Hack #16: Automate It!

productivity hacks and tips marketing 

How many marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


None, they’ve automated it!

OK, that joke probably wouldn’t go down well at your local Comedy Club on a Saturday night, but…

…there’s a hell of a lot of truth to it.

We’re in the marketing business (just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock), and we automate everything we can.

It keeps us switched on to the tasks that matter, improving our productivity ten-fold, and ultimately, giving us the chance to put a big old smile on our clients’ faces.


Productivity Hack #17: Get a Lungful

 productivity hacks and tips marketing

As long as we can breathe, air can’t have that much of an effect, right?


A well-ventilated workplace reduces illness spreading and cuts absenteeism…

…but, FRESH AIR also influences our ability to process information and make good decisions.

If you’re beside a window, OPEN IT. If it’s too cold, get up out of your chair every hour and get some fresh air.


Productivity Hack #18: Smell’s Good

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

Smell is one of the most disregarded senses when it comes to optimising output, but the aromas could majorly help improve your productivity.

Aromas have the ability to influence brain activity, create focus and trigger reactions.

If you’re unsure, or afraid of looking like the crazy guy at work who brought in potpourri for everyone’s desk…

…buy a plug-in diffuser and give it a shot.

Aim for scents like lemon or lavender to focus your brain power.


Productivity Hack #19: Perfection…

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

is a waste of your time and effort.

No, we aren’t suggesting that you chuck any old rubbish out with your name on it…

…but, perfection is so difficult to find, that by the time you’re nearly there, you’ve wasted a whole heap of time that would’ve been better spent elsewhere.

Good is sufficient. Great is amazing.

Work smart at the right tasks.


 Productivity Hack #20: Meeting Time

 productivity marketing hacks

How much time are you spending in meetings that are 95% padding and 5% content?

A lot? We thought so. It (used to) happen(s) to us too.

That’s not your fault, and it’s probably not your communicator’s fault either…

…it’s the fault of the meeting time.

Why are 90% of meetings booked for 1 hour + when the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF doesn’t (normally) take longer than 15 minutes to discuss?

We’d suggest shorter meetings on a more regular basis. That way, you’ll eradicate the padding and keep your output as high as possible.


Productivity Hack #21: Positivity

 productivity hacks and tricks marketing

Last but not least…

…attitude is everything!

If you don’t think you can do, why should anybody else?

Be positive, it’ll make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE to your productivity!


Productivity Hacks: 21 Weird and Wonderful Ideas 

productivity hacks marketing

Still looking for ideas?

No chance.

Those 21 weird and wonderful productivity hacks will increase your output and could make all the difference to your career.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy a garden center’s entire plant collection and a personal water tank, open the window…

…you get the idea. We aren’t going to summarise the next steps for all 21 hacks.

Did you enjoy this blog? What are your best productivity hacks? Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our social media manager has stopped walking around the office saying ‘up the fleet’.

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