Reading Round-Up: Marketing Articles Einstein Marketer Loved in May

Einstein Marketer loves to read…

…and, despite being geniuses, we always find time to check out the HOTTEST TOPICS on the web.

Here are 5 of the most valuable blogs we read in May.


Online Advertising: All You Need to Know in 2018 

Matteo Gasparello, Strategico 

One of the most complete guides we’ve ever seen! 

These 9 Chapters of amazing content were created by Matteo Gasparello over at stategico. The guide includes tons of screenshots, examples and instructions, covering all the biggest social networks. 

This is a must read for anyone aiming to increase and optimise their video advertising campaigns in 2018. 


A Content Marketers Guide to Success on Reddit 

Gemma Joyce, Brandwatch 

BuzzSumo don’t just have awesome tools, they also run an amazing blog with bags and bags of valuable information.  

This article, written by Gemma Joyce, certainly doesn’t buck the trend. 

Reddit receives about 1.5 Billion visits per month but is a notoriously difficult place for marketers and businesses to utilise. 

Gemma gives us her best tips, tricks and successes from the reddit network, and Einstein Marketer will definitely be taking these into account. 


5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices,

Bill Carmody

Too many businesses come to Einstein Marketer with poor social media practices. This article details 5 practices that we strongly recommend our audience follows. 

If your social media posts aren’t gaining engagement, or you feel like your bashing your head against a social network brick wall, check out this valuable article. 

If you can tick all these boxes, and there are still problems, reach out to a social media expert (like, but not necessarily, Einstein Marketer). 


Amazon Tests Ad Tool That Rivals Google, Criteo

Spencer Soper & Mark Bergen

Einstein Marketer loves retargeting…so when I saw this article, I had to give it a read, and share it with you guys. 

It’s only a report, so don’t expect a long read, but it provides a few interesting statistics and insights about Amazon’s next steps into the digital advertising market.

We know a lot of our ecommerce and dropshipper audiences will love this! 


How to Write Meta Descriptions in a Constantly Changing World (AKA Google Giveth, Google Taketh Away)

Dr. Peter. J. Meyers

Meta descriptions are crucial for your search engine CTR, and there’s no bigger search engine than Google. 

Many marketers, SEO experts and businesses, live or die on changes made to the worlds most visited website. 

In this blog, Meyers explains the recent (and frequent) changes Google have made to Meta Description length, and how to hit the sweet spot. 

This blog is perfect for hands-on marketers, and digital entrepreneurs who haven’t built up a team yet. 

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