Meet Shoelace, Google’s Latest Shot at Social Networking

by Faiz Varghese

The influence of social media is exceptional.

It has evolved from being a digital world exuberance to a significant platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, and various organisations that seek greater awareness and recognition.

For that matter, marketers are all looking for ways to improve their social media campaigns for acquiring quality leads and conversions. 

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011, in an attempt to compete against other social networks. One of the leading reasons for Google+ to shut down was the data breach that occurred on the app…

…as well as the lack users!

G+ shutdown

Google is back with a bang! Meet Shoelace, Google’s next shot at social networking.

It is a new social networking platform initiated by Google after the shutdown of several high-profile platforms, including Orkut, Google Buzz and Google+ in an attempt to build a social media website.

What Exactly is Google’s Shoelace?

Shoelace is a new social network that aims primarily to bring people together in real-life, not just digitally, but through shared interests and activities. It’s great for people who have recently relocated cities or who are looking to meet others living nearby.

In other words, the latest social networking app is aimed at assisting like-minded people in planning and organising local events and activities much more quickly.

facebook audiences ebook

Shoelace is outlined with a much more straightforward ambition to act similarly to Facebook Events. Both firms are notably competitive in their quest to offer significant innovations.

Facebook has been making massive revenue with the data they've been gathering from people using it. This data is gold for advertisers and digital marketers looking for customer preferences over the internet.Click To Tweet

Google is now trying to seize this opportunity and possibly catch Facebook dropouts.

Shoelace is designed with striking similarities to Schemer, an experiment event organisation app Google had launched back in 2011 and later shutdown in 2014.

Also, before Google+, the company tested with another social networking platform called Buzz. Launched on February 9, 2010, the micro-blogging platform was suspended one year later as Google shifted its focus on Google+.

google buzz failure

Shoelace will be launched on a smaller scale with limited access currently only in New York City.

More likely, new trials could begin in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and if it proves to be successful, it could head to other cities outside the U.S., but there is no assurance on when this could happen.

Here we will go through everything you need to know about the upcoming social network. 

How Does Shoelace Work?

Google Shoelace is one of the latest updates to enter the realm of the unstoppable Google monarchy.

Google's new social network, Shoelace, is built around the idea of using technology for facilitating a real-world connection!Click To Tweet

That is, “to tie people collectively based on their engagements like two laces of a shoe.” The whole “shoe-lacing” thing is done through activities Shoelace calls “Loops” through which they aim at encouraging real-life connections.

google shoelace

Other than Facebook and Twitter, Shoelace encourages people to do things in real life, rather than just connecting with others on a website.

The application is still in it’s examining stage and partnered with select communities.

An invite request can be initiated by filling out a Google Form. You can create your events and invite others to join in. For joining other’s activities, there is a map interface to view and RSVP to other people’s Loops.

Shoelace is a mobile app for Android and IOS and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and App Store. 

What Makes Shoelace Different?

Shoelace is designed for presenting users with hand-picked activities happening around them every day.

So, there will be many activities listed from which users can select based on topics they find interesting, like sports, dogs, music, art, books, etc. It can be a search for someone to accompany you to the fitness centre or someone who likes sports.

shoelace features

Once a user selects activities based on their interests, Shoelace will then show them what is going around them on that particular day for users to partake in the real world.

Further, regardless of your buddies are using Shoelace or not, you will still be able to share your interests with them as well.

Shoelace's design is primarily focussed on human-to-human, real-world activities rather than digital, and this is an excellent way of encouraging people to get off their phones and meet up face-to-face.Click To Tweet

In fact, Shoelace is part of a more considerable effort by Google to address concerns that smartphones and other modern technologies are harming people’s connections with others.

Since the location is the real selling point of their experience, one would wonder whether Shoelace will get a more extensive rollout beyond more densely populated areas.

Another Attempt by Google?

This concept has been instigated before by Google.

Back in 2011, they introduced Schemer, which aimed to do the purpose of Shoelace. Google designed it as a service for sharing and discovering things to do.

google schemer

The social perspective of Google Schemer involves more than the expertise to share your ideas and views with other people. Just as you can go through schemes other users have made public; they can view yours too.

Schemer was an excellent way of aiding people to collaborate and work together for completing projects fast, but it went to the Google Cemetery very quickly. 

With the introduction of Shoelace, people will again experience a lot of difference in their lives, making things much more convenient.

Summing Up

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Google is taking another significant step towards building a name on social media.

Shoelace is currently available only in the U.S. operating through an invite-only basis, but keep an eye out for Google’s new social network project.

If they can pull off a real Facebook rival, the ever-growing social network will finally have a competitor to keep up with.

Let’s hope to see Google’s new social media platform with us for a long time!

However, if it doesn’t work out properly, Google will combine different algorithms and features and make another attempt. Can we see a rivalry between Shoelace vs Facebook? Time will tell….

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Faiz Varghese is a social media marketer at TechWyse who is a knowledge craving techie. He loves to write quality content on the internet and has a passion for his job.

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  1. Hi Faiz, at first I thought I would not as I tend to go all in each of the social networks which can cause burnout after months. But this one looks enticing I must say after reading this!
    I may try it out at least for fun and see how it goes.
    Thanks for explaining about it and it’s the first I’ve hearing about it. I’m not surprised Google is back into the social network arena once again.
    It will be interesting to see if they can capture an audience with it 🙂 Thank you!

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