Blog Ideas for Dummies: Simple Blog Posts

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We’ve all been there…

Your head’s thumping the wall, the creative tank is empty and the ceiling coving will not give you the answers, no matter how hard you stare.

Blog ideas don’t have to be that difficult though.

There are easier ways to hit your target market, and if you’ll protect that brain from the plasterboard for two more minutes, EinsteinMarketer might just turn your day around.

Because we like simple. We cherish efficient. We adore results.

But most of all, EinsteinMarketer loves to share.

So, let’s get this ball rolling with the simplest of blog ideas:


Blog Ideas: Embed and React

Blog ideas- Embed and React

Your ears are pricked now, eh?

There’s nothing to this blog. Simply go to a video sharing website, YouTube is the obvious source, key in the type of content your customer swoons for, and pick out the most viewed video.

Watch it. Soak it up. Form an opinion.

Embed the video on your website (ask for permission, nobody ever says no) and write a reaction to it.

Do you agree? Don’t you agree? Who cares?

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT -Embed content from an authority in your industry. You’ll rank in specific searches, and direct their traffic to your site.

You’ve got content! Fist pump! High five!

Now wipe the paint from your forehead, because it’s actually not that exciting. And plus, we’re only just getting started.

If you can’t find a good video, or aren’t brave enough to ask for permission, try a…


 Blog Ideas: Quote Post

Blog Ideas- Quote Post

Pick a content theme, get on a search engine and copy and paste.

Hell, don’t even go on a search engine, don’t even leave the EinsteinMarketer website. You can copy from us if you want (just please link back to our original posts).

You’ve done it already? Cheers.

We’ll find the backlink for your ‘Protect Our Walls’ website in our analytics and give you a shout out.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTFind quotes from multiple highly regarded authorities in your industry and link back to their website. This will boost your SEO and draw their fans to your site.

But what if you don’t like the sound of Embed and React or Quote Post, and you’re still stuck for blog ideas?


Blog Ideas: Crowdsourced Content

Blog Ideas- Crowdsourced Content

This one actually takes the effort of five brain cells bumping into one another.

You’re going to have to think of a question. Something like, what is your best tip for improving conversion rates?

Oh, the agony!

A whole question?

Yes. Sometimes two or three.

Ask it to three people in your industry. Maybe it’s somebody in the office, perhaps it’s a rival, maybe it’s that person you met in a bar who says they’re a multimillionaire in your sector, but still couldn’t afford to buy you a drink.

The greater authority your opinion maker has on the subject, the wider your audience.

So maybe you should forget about that person from the bar, and send out a few emails.

Anybody with half a brain will accept the offer. A decent answer might only take a minute, and they’ll get external exposure as a result.

And with that we’re through.

What more can Einstein Marketer give you? A building merchant’s number?

We don’t have one. Our walls are pristine.

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