MORE Blog Ideas For Dummies

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You’ve got valuable entertaining content, but your traffic ISN’T GROWING.


Variety.  It’s the spice your audience loves.

That doesn’t mean switching topics, or posting cat videos. It means presenting your killer content in new and ENTERTAINING formats.

You’re lucky you’ve found us, because Einstein Marketer’s got bucket loads. We’ll assume you’ve already read BLOG IDEAS FOR DUMMIES (Part 1) and you’ve seen how easy it is to create new content.

So, let’s hit you up with more low creativity, easy to build, COLLAR-GRABBING content.


The Interview

blog ideas interview

This little bad boy’s so SIMPLE, you’ll be easing into a pair of slippers and lighting up a pipe in 5 minutes flat.

Simply, send messages/emails/requests to the GREATEST AUTHORITIES in your industry. Ask them if they’d take the time to answer a few questions, which will be attached to the message.

Try to PERSONALISE your questions to each recipient. This will improve your response rate. Experts love to be flattered.

If you can set up a face to face interview, even better. Videos draw LOADS OF ATTENTION. Audio files work almost as well too.

This blog type is amazing, because your EXPERT will provide 90% of the content and you’ll draw their audience to your website. You might even snag a few more loyal readers.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTResearch your expert’s social media following. The more they have, the greater your (interviews) audience reach will be.


Stat Round-up

blog ideas stat round up

What’s a strong LEVERAGE POINT in your industry? Or an area of debate and interest?

Go out into the internet and search for statistics around it. What do surveys say? What are the facts? What do the numbers tell us?

When you’ve collected some EYE-CATCHING, or polarising data, go ahead and put them into a blog. Write an opinion about them.

If you employ a designer ask them to create an infographic with the stats. Here’s one we made, with this exact technique.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT If you don’t have a designer, try Design Pickle. We’re a customer. They created this infographic for us with just a handful of research stats.


The List 

blog ideas list

Readers LOVE a list.

Numbers draw attention, offer a promise and guarantee quick gratification.

Use your industry knowledge to create a Top 5, 10 or 100 (if you’re feeling ambitious). Try to be current, using a date is usually a sure-fire winner, e.g. The Top 5 Einstein Marketer Moments of 2018.

People often search for lists when they’re seeking content, or researching a new industry, because they’re easily CONSUMABLE.

Einstein Marketer suggest using images, videos and infographics to demonstrate every stage of your list.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTDiscover the most shared topics in your industry with BuzzSumo. This website ranks the most popular content pieces by social media shares. Simply search for a keyword, and it does the rest.


Blog Ideas: Get to Work 

blog ideas for dummies

We could go all day with these blog ideas, but you’ll never get to work.

Pick your favourite from that list and get creating. If none of those tickled your taste-buds, get over to our other BLOG IDEAS post.

And, if you’re really smart, you’ll know how to create content that builds brand awareness, generates traffic and bags your business a never-ending conveyor belt of new customers.

We weren’t all born with the marketing intellect of a genius (not even Einstein Marketer), so get over to our TOP OF FUNNEL GUIDE to find out how.

Did you enjoy this blog? Find any useful tips? Or got a few to share of your own? Leave us a comment in the box below or send us a message.

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