How Einstein Marketer Got 10k Facebook Likes in 10 Weeks and How You Can Too!

by Josh Barney

Give your eyes a break, listen to the audio version: 


Einstein Marketer practices what we preach…

…we aren’t self-proclaimed ‘Marketing Guru’s’ who talk a good game, but haven’t earned more than £1m for a client, or ran a single ad campaign.

We’re a successful digital marketing agency at work, smashing clients’ records, testing, optimising and discovering new strategies…

…and then we share them with YOU!


When we started this BLOG, we didn’t know what to expect. As an agency we already had a full allocation of clients, but we were sick of seeing the same old marketing advice, from the same old phoneys…

…after ten weeks of running our free content, you’ve proved we weren’t the only ones!

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Nobody got anywhere without a target…

…10k Facebook likes is not a realisation of one of ours.

It’s not even close, but…

…it’s movement.

And we know YOU want movements like that too…

…so, if you haven’t already, get back to the drawing board, WRITE A LIST of clearly defined goals, and prepare yourself for our 10k Facebook likes in 10 weeks lesson.


The Most Important Strategy

facebook likes strategy

 Before we take a deep dive into processes, you must understand our most important strategy, and why we wouldn’t have achieved anything without it…


Einstein Marketer’s philosophy, culture and actions, are all based around this fundamental strategy.

Being pre-eminent means we are totally focussed on becoming our audiences most trusted advisor in our field of expertise, whether that means taking time out of our day, directing them to a rival blog, solving their ONE BIG problem and never seeing them again…

…losing money.


Following a long-term strategy of pre-eminence guarantees AUTHORITY, RESPECT and IMPORTANCE.

That’s why…

…we respond to EVERY message, question, call for advice, comment…

…because when we go out of our way to treat one person with respect, they return time and time again, and bring more people with them.

This cycle of pre-eminence goes on and on.

If somebody messages us from a small business (and they can’t afford to pay a marketing agency), we spend time replying…

…they go away, use our advice, watch it work and think, ‘Einstein Marketer are super cool guys, if my friends ever need any help, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat’…

Without Pre-eminence, we wouldn’t have achieved 10k Facebook likes in 10 weeks. It goes through everything we do.

Watch Jay Abraham (the father of pre-eminence) to discover more:


The Blog Process

 Central to everything is our product, FREE MARKETING CONTENT.

Without having something for our audience, we’d be dead in the water, so it has to be as targeted and valuable as possible.

Before creating blogs, we study the biggest problems faced by our existing, past and future clients, look at our most recent questions, read our emails, check our Facebook message requests, and analyse our customer avatar

…when we’re completely sure our audience WANTS our next piece of content, we get down to the research stage.

The first thing Einstein Marketer looks at is problem solving strategies we’ve used ourselves (because we wouldn’t recommend something we haven’t tried and tested already!).

And then…

…we look at what’s trending using Google Trends and BuzzSumo.

[quote type=”rect”]<strong>EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT</strong> –Discover the hottest movements in your industry using Google Trends (to find out the fastest growing searches) and Buzzsumo (to see the most shared content on social media).[/quote]

If we find a tactic or strategy that sounds legit, but we haven’t used it before, we test it, push the publish date back, and if it works, we share it with you guys!

After we’ve been through all these stages, we write.

If we didn’t go through this process, we’d just be putting out content for the hell of it. And we wouldn’t have grown nearly as quick.


The Publish and Promote Process

facebook likes strategy publish and promote ads

When the blog is ready, we publish ASAP.

Einstein Marketer’s blog uses WordPress. The YOAST plugin helps us to optimise posts for Search Engines, ensuring an increase in Organic Traffic week on week.

When the blog is live. We promote it via a number of social networks and outposts, these include:










What’s that got to do with Facebook likes?

Presence, awareness and discovery.

Audiences find and follow us in different places, then hop over to Facebook and like our page!

Try it, it works!


Facebook Promotion  

facebook likes strategy ads

In order to boost our numbers, we run two paid traffic campaigns:

  1. The most recent Blog Post
  2. Page Likes

Both of these campaigns run on a budget of £5 per day.

We regularly change our ad Audience, with either custom, interest-based or lookalikes used.

Einstein Marketer won’t go into the intricacies of Facebook Business Manager or Audiences here, but you can discover more details by clicking on the appropriate link (or holding out until the end of the post for related blogs).

And don’t forget your PIXEL!

When our post is on Facebook and our ad is running, we let it do the work, but when we receive a comment, we always write a response…

…yes, it sticks to our pre-eminence strategy, but it also improves the ORGANIC REACH of our post…

…meaning more people see it without us having to pay!

This is because Facebooks algorithm uses ENGAGEMENT as a key metric. If a post has a high number of shares, likes and comments, Facebook shows it to more people!

If you ever receive comments, make sure you reply too. It might just grab you a few more followers.


10k Facebook Likes: Just the Beginning

facebook likes strategy

Einstein Marketer came together as a result of years of expertise and experience in our industry.

We’re aiming to become the Number 1 resource in the UK for Marketing advice, and we’ll get there…

…since our first official post on 3rd January 2018, we’ve grown faster than anybody could’ve imagined…

…and it’s all thanks to you guys.

This is our blueprint for the first 10k.

Stick with us for a little longer, and you’ll have a 100k Facebook Likes strategy in your pocket too.

Did you like this blog? Perhaps you’ve got some strategies of your own? Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as our social media manager has stopped playing scrabble.

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Josh is the Founder of We Imagine Media, an award-winning content marketer, best selling author and creator of the He creates and strategises content, sharing the most successful tactics with his lovely audience. He hates writing in the third person, follow him on the social links so he can get back to writing as himself.

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