10 Ways You Can Improve Your Brand’s Presence On Twitter

by Alma Causey

The union of eCommerce and digital marketing is a match made in heaven. Neither can survive without the other.

From getting your name out there to boosting engagement, the benefits are endless. Yet every brand knows that social media marketing is an essential element in today’s marketing mix.

It all boils down to maintaining an active online presence. But more importantly, business owners need to make contacts with influencers on social media platforms, getting them to like and share information about their brand.

Many entrepreneurs have realised that Twitter is able to achieve all this and more rather successfully.

So what’s making brands choose Twitter above other social media platforms? And more importantly, how can you utilise these attributes to improve your brand’s presence on Twitter?

Twitter Brand Presence Tactics

In order to get the most out of Twitter, you need first to recognise that every social media platform has a unique set of features.

You need to identify everything that this platform has to offer and then direct your efforts into tapping its potential.

So without any further delay, let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways you can engage more effectively on Twitter.

  1. Retweet Content

It can be overwhelming posting content all the time. Some days, you just don’t know what to say, but remaining silent for too long on social media can be detrimental.

Twitter allows people to retweet content. This is a way of showing others what content interests you as well as providing insights into the core values of the brand.

More importantly, retweeting can help you generate quality followers through association.

  1. Follow the Right People

Twitter helps you focus on following industry leaders and influencers rather than how many followers you have.

In fact, it’s quite simple to follow people through the Twitter handle or the search tool. Moreover, the platform’s algorithms make it effortless to find relevant people to your brand, industry, products, or services.

einstein marketer twitter

Twitter allows individuals to reach out to famous personalities that you wouldn’t have been able to connect with, even on LinkedIn. This can help you stay on top of the latest trends, views, and news.

For more on how to improve your brand’s presence on LinkedIn, This guide will suffice, 7 Ways To Increase Your Reach On LinkedIn Organically.

  1. Create Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is where key industry influencers discuss a particular topic.

Joining or participating in conversations and discussions relevant to your brand and industry enables you to connect with like-minded audiences.

Here, ideas are exchanged, and challenges or opportunities surrounding issues are expressed.

Therefore, creating chat groups is an excellent way of establishing yourself as an expert, bringing to light your thoughts and activities.

The key, however, is to capture the target audience’s attention by providing value. The higher the value, the more the participants, the greater chances of your brand being recommended to others.

  1. Start a Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags allow people with similar interests to be discovered. It makes it easier to communicate.

When you want to say something, there’s already an audience that is willing to listen to you and understand your concepts. Studies show that they receive a 16% boost in engagement, but don’t go overboard – it’ll just come off as tacky.

twitter hashtags

Actively seeking out hashtags is a great way to boost engagement and interaction. Additionally, it ensures you remain up-to-date with current conversations and discussions.

By monitoring hashtags and keywords, you can stay aware of competitors and their audiences, especially to identify gaps in the industry.

  1. Use the Entire Character Limit

Even though the 140 character limit has doubled to 280, the platform is still famous for its concise content.

Given the fact that people generally have short attention spans, this is proving to be a great opportunity for aligning with their needs. Moreover, it inspires creativity as messages need to be brief yet catchy enough to draw people into conversations.

You can now use these extended tweets as lead-ins to longer, more detailed content on your website.

Not only does this generate more engagement, but it also boosts awareness of your brand.

Learn more about writing great short social media copy in our Facebook Ad Copy Guide (which can also be applied to Twitter!).

  1. Diversify video content

Twitter, by no means, limits content to only text. Users can incorporate videos, visuals, links, and much more.

While videos were once only limited to 30 seconds, users can now include videos that are up to 2 minutes 20 seconds in tweets. More importantly, they can be set to play automatically whenever someone scrolls through a feed.

Twitter has added the live video in the app. Through this feature, brands can make a personal connection with the target audience, whether it’s to showcase a new product or give a virtual tour of a location.

  1. Incorporate Twitter Polls

One of the best ways to bolster engagement is through surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, etc. Twitter allows you to create polls and utilise the data from feedback.

Simply pin the poll to the top of your feed so that it’s found easily.

twitter polls

To get the most out of your polls, identify which topics people are more interested in through Twitter Chat.

This will ensure that polls are received with enthusiasm and that you gain something beneficial for your brand. And it’s better to ask simple questions and limit the number of polls to one a month.

  1. Create a Plan

Like any social media platform, you need to invest time and resources to create a steady stream of content. By putting up relevant, informative content consistently, you can draw attention to your brand.

Twitter integrates well with many social media scheduling tools, allowing you to plan a week’s worth of messages in advance. They offer services such as scheduling and publishing content, monitoring and reporting analytics, responding to comments and messages, etc.

  1. Integrate Twitter Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Brands typically maintain an active presence on multiple social media platforms.

In order for marketing and branding efforts to be maximised, activities need to be synchronised.


By integrating each platform’s data and strategies, you can streamline processes and ensure that the brand portrays a consistent message.

  1. Tap into Twitter Analytics

Every business owner should have a clear roadmap of goals and objectives.

But to achieve success, you need to keep track of fast-moving trends and measure key metrics.

Twitter Analytics can help you need to develop an up-to-date buyer persona and gain a competitive advantage. This will allow you to utilise data to optimise your marketing efforts.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter works in real-time, so it makes sense to use this opportunity to connect with all kinds of people.

Whether you are responding to questions or engaging with others, you need to remain active and alert. Therefore, you should work at tweeting as often as possible.

Reaching out to people who mention your brand or engage with your content is a way to take your business to greater heights.

With the right approach, there is much to be from your social media marketing efforts on Twitter.

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Alma is a mother, wife, logophile and a professional blogger by choice. She has completed her masters in English literature from the University of Groningen. With her unique approach towards content marketing, she brings worth a second read blogs to life. Oh, Alma- is incomplete without cats.

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