How To Create Engaging Content in Boring Niches

by Kat Solukova

When your niche isn’t exciting or interesting, it doesn’t mean your content has to be boring too!

Did you know that content marketing actually costs 62% less than other marketing options and is far more versatile and efficient in pulling leads? In fact, content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing styles.


But the question is, how do you create content in boring niches?

For that, your content needs to be crafted in a way that’s not only informative and helpful but is also entertaining so readers stay engaged.

In the professional world, we’re trained to use formal language- this results in long format content which does have its place, but in the world of content marketing, you need to make sure your content is entertaining to capture your audience’s attention. 

In this guide, I’ll share 3 helpful tips that will help you create engaging content in boring niches.

Let’s get started.

What is a Boring Niche?

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re already thinking that your niche (or a niche you are closely connected to) might be boring.

Some industries are more boring than others. Why is this? Because those industries are full of jargon, terminology that is hard to understand, complicated data, and extensive information that simply won’t hold the attention of the majority.

What are the boring niches? Well, it’s hard to narrow down to just a few but here are some examples:

  • Life insurance
  • Legal services
  • Auto parts
  • Healthcare
  • Miscellaneous insurance services
  • Engineering

These are just a few basic examples but there are a number of niches that could fall into the boring category.

Here’s the thing: we understand it isn’t boring to you (or to your target audience) but to the rest of the world, it’s simply not very exciting.

Pro Tip: Your niche is only boring to certain individuals but it will appeal to a select audience at various times. Your content provides value because it can answer questions and solve problems when it is needed.

psychology of colour marketing

Find things in your niche that people want to know the answers to and create content on that knowledge.

Top 3 Tips for Content Creation

Your niche doesn’t have to be boring. While it may fall under that label, there are ways for you to make it exciting and appealing. The key is to tune in to what people want to see.

Your content doesn’t HAVE to be boring just because your industry seems unappealing.

Without further ado, here are our 3 primary tips for creating content for boring niches.

1. Video Content

Instagram reels and TikTok videos are taking over in the world of content right now.

The majority of followers would prefer video content over written content, but there are some key things you should know about creating video content.

For starters, are you sharing a how-to or are you sharing a touching story to promote a product? Consider what type of content you are pushing for in your video. Not all videos are the same and this may vary based on your niche.

types of video for business

For example, a home moving company could show a vertical video (or even a time lapse) of a project showcasing before, during and after a move.

The video could show friendly team members, a truck with proper moving equipment all working together in a stress free environment. This way, the video content instantly shows the benefit of hiring a professional team to remove the stress involved in moving. 

On another hand, an auto parts store might share a how-to video on changing headlights or some useful tidbit that is commonly looked for. The video would be short, sweet, and engaging while also being straightforward and informative.

Here’s a great example of how Hippobag, an alternative to skip bins, decided to showcase their product using video content. Instead of writing a blog post,  they decided to be creative and put together an entertaining video about what makes their skip bin bags so great.

It’s fun, and easy to understand and it makes their product stand out in the not-so-exciting world of skip bins.

No matter which approach you take, make it personal and find a way to make it captivating so you can capture your audience. You should get plenty of organic views, likes, shares, engagement on your reels and TikTok videos.

Your video content should help viewers achieve a goal without being dry or ineffective. Remember this is not a commercial ad so don’t create it as such.

61% of customers explicitly state that interesting and individual content is more likely to draw them in for a purchase.

There are a number of search tools and resources you can use to determine what people are looking for in your niche. From there, you just need to make it interesting and engaging.

2. Stand Out by Entertaining Your Audience

Do you know what is NOT boring? Entertainment.

Even when someone is looking for an informative article or video to answer their question, they still want to be entertained. This works both ways. There is such a thing as over-entertaining your audience as well.

content curation marketing

Entertainment does not mean you have to tell corny jokes or create live comedy features. You simply need to find some way to draw them in.

Once you’ve drawn them in you need to accomplish a purpose. The thing is, you don’t want them to start reading your post or watching your video and then leave before you reach the end. You want to engage your audience.

Just like in this example, the mattress company ‘Purple’ managed to turn their boring product into a  funny, yet informative video with a purpose.

This video has gained 182M+ views (so far) and it’s put them on the map in the competitive mattress industry.

3. Simplify Complicated Information

Let’s face it, most of those boring niches are also rather complicated in nature. Law, insurance, healthcare, etc. can be challenging to understand, which is perhaps what leads them to be cast into the boring category.

You will never attract followers, readers, or viewers if you don’t break information into layman’s terms and make it easy to understand. 

where to host blog

So how can you simplify complicated information? Here are some specific ways to do so.

  • Create infographics and diagrams that are easy to understand
  • Don’t use jargon, abbreviations, or challenging words
  • Use exciting or energetic terms and content
  • Be active rather than passive
  • Give a relatable visual
  • Reference trusted professionals and resources
  • Break content down into miniseries form so it’s not overwhelming
  • Keep it simple

For example I work in the digital marketing industry and one of our ideal clients are Dentists. Dentists can really benefit from search engine optimisation but, trying to sell SEO to Dentists is tricky because it’s a boring topic to them and hard to understand.

So, we decided to create a helpful guide to Dental SEO to make it easy for dentists to understand the benefits of this and in a way that makes sense to them.

No matter what you do, remember that you can easily lose your audience when things get complicated. Keep things simple and understandable and try not to overwhelm your audience with scary or hard to grasp information.


No niche has to stay boring. While it may not seem like you have anything exciting to offer, you just need to dig deeper and find ways to be exciting and touch your audience.

In this day and age, it’s literally all about the approach. If you approach the scene with a boring attitude and refuse to make changes, then your content will remain boring.

If you see the potential to change things up and find exciting new ways to draw people in and engage with them, you will find more success.

Creating content can be challenging but you simply must be willing to do the work and capture your audience.

Kat Solukova is the Co-founder and Head of Marketing Strategy at Engine Scout, a digital marketing agency that helps business owners get more sales through Google and social media.

2 Responses

  1. The article is very informative but I would like to ask you a question here. how to create content in competitive niches? because I am working on the toughest digital marketing and I am getting no success can you tell me how I can do that. please help me with this. I am struggling with big time. also, tell me how to create backlinks for this niche.

    1. Jorge, thanks for your comment.
      It’s tough for me to give you a definitive answer without knowing more about your situation, but there are a few principles that will work for any niche with content marketing:
      1. Be consistent- don’t stop, don’t be down-hearted, keep going. Find a publishing frequency that fits with your work and don’t ever miss a day. Everybody who has ever made it with content has been in the same situation as you.
      2. Be versatile with your content mediums and your sharing platforms. Turn blogs into podcasts, turn podcasts in videos, pull quotes and use them as images. Turn one big piece of content into 100’s of smaller ones and use this to promote your brand.
      3. Back yourself- when the time is right, don’t be afraid to put a small amount of money behind your content to reach a wider segment of your target audience. Social media ads on tiny budgets can make a massive difference in the long-term.
      4. Be valuable- alot of content marketers are in it for their own interests, and because of this their content isn’t very good. Be in it for your audience, give them as much value as possible and you will build a big audience!

      I hope these things help Jorge!

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