Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips Your Business Can’t Survive Without

by Josh Barney

It’s predicted there’ll be…

2.62 BILLION ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS by the end of 2018.

That’s a hell of a lot of people. 34% of the world’s population, in fact.

So, it’s probably worth BUSINESSES like yours, making them pay.


Before we take a deep dive into our Social Media Marketing Tips, let’s take a look at some more numbers. Nothing quite says it like a stat, does it?

Active Users

Facebook– 2.01bn







If you can’t find your audience in that list of social platforms, you won’t find them anywhere.

But what if you’re not a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING specialist? Or you’re just starting out?

Don’t worry, Einstein Marketer’s got your back.


social media marketing tips


social media marketing plan

Do you think starting a campaign without a plan, will garnish any measurable results?


If you are ever going to be able to measure the success of your marketing strategy, you’ll need a plan and detailed goals.

Use these three questions as a starting point:

  1. What do you want to gain from social media marketing?
  2. Why should your audience care what your business has to say?
  3. Where do your target market congregate? How can you reach them?


  1. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCEsocial media marketing tip listen

Customers, leads and prospects are much more likely to give you honest feedback via social media platforms, than telephone or email.


They’re on them all the time.

Look at your social media platforms as an extension of your customer service.

Use their feedback to improve your product, content and ultimately your customers’ experience.

Discover their interests, pain points and desires. Use it to take your marketing campaign to the next level.



social media marketing tips consistency

Don’t go overboard and don’t give up!

Use your social media marketing plan to decide which platforms deserve more attention. Settle on a number of posts/updates per day and stick to it.

You might be desperate for an IDEAL POST/UPDATE number here, we’re sorry you aren’t going to get one from us.

Every marketing website will tell you a different number. The truth is, it depends on your market, audience and social media strategy. We’d advise at least 1 per day, but no more than 8.

The content you share must be consistent too. Every post/update should be in line with your CORE BRAND VALUES.

Don’t waiver from this. Inconsistent updates will alienate existing followers and gain new ones that quickly disappear.



social media marketing tips

Quality and consistency guarantee success in the long run.

A funny cat video might get you a ton of shares in a day, but it’s going to destroy your long-term presence.

Quality content will position your social media profile as a resource in your industry, giving users more reason to follow you.

Tie these 3 factors into every post, and you’ll be onto a winner:

  1. Relevant to audience
  2. Helpful/problem solving
  3. Entertaining/engaging



social media marketing tips images

Let’s demonstrate this with a few stats (courtesy of BUFFER):

-Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images

-Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without

Those are numbers that your social media marketing campaign cannot ignore.

If you’re terrible at design, or haven’t got a clue where to start, try a paid service like DESIGN PICKLE. They’ll do the hard work for you, at the fraction of the cost of a full-time designer, or freelancer.

They’re worth it. Check out our blog feature images or this infographic, if you don’t believe us.



social media marketing statistics

Throughout your social media marketing campaigns, you’re going to find things that explode, tick over and don’t ever lift off.

These are not numbers that shouldn’t be ignored. What exploded? And why? How can we harness it again?

Social media metrics are really easy to track, simply scroll through your post/updates list and analyse likes, shares and external clicks.

If you’re using a service like FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER (Einstein Marketer highly recommends this) you can track AUDIENCE REACH and a ton of other useful metrics too.

Create an account with our SIMPLE GUIDE.



social media marketing ads

Getting fresh eyes to your social media platforms will build brand awareness, increase web traffic, capture leads and convert customers.

Don’t be afraid to boost posts that you know offer massive value to your target market.

Your business exists because it solves a problem and improves the quality of customers’ lives. That means your ad is completely in their benefit.

You’ll be doing your target market a disservice if they never hear about your product. So, get your content out there, show them your brand, your passion, tell them how much you care about the industry, but DON’T RAM PRODUCTS DOWN THEIR THROATS.

Take a look at our Facebook Ads Guide for further information.



social media marketing friendship

Who would you rather trust? A stranger you’ve just met on the street? Or a friend you’ve known for years?

Interaction via messages, post comments and updates will personalise your business. It creates an aura of trust and friendship that is literally priceless.

That doesn’t mean you should go out and post comments on all your followers’ pages.

Create engaging content, wait for comments and nurture your followers from there.

Be a friend, before a business.



social media marketing tips software

There are a ton of software services out there that optimise social media platforms for marketing.

Go back to your goals and decide what fits best.

Here are a few examples Einstein Marketer particularly likes:

Hootsuite manages all social media platforms in one place. Meaning you can schedule posts for the rest of the week, curate content and compare your success across all platforms.

Sproutsocial the ultimate social media metric site. Nothing comes close to this as far as social media analytics stand. Measure what works, repackage it and use it again.

Manychat-a software built specifically for Facebook messenger. Build your marketing list, create automated messages and improve user experience with this fast growing software.



social media marketing tips retarget

We’ve saved our personal favourite until last.

You’ll find PIXEL’s (commonly known as a cookies) that will transform your business’s marketing strategies in all the social media big hitters.

Facebook has the biggest and best.

Their PIXEL can easily be installed into your website. It then anonymously tracks your audience around the internet, gathering data about their interests and giving you the opportunity to retarget them with SPECIFIC OFFERS.

We literally cannot explain how ENORMOUS this thing is in a top 10 list. If you’ve never heard of PIXEL’s or RETARGETING, please for the sake of your business CLICK HERE to find out more.


And that’s it, our Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips.

Implement the above, and give your campaign some time to grow. With every follower, or like you gain, your Social Media presence becomes more appealing and trustworthy to cold traffic.

Keep doing the right things, and sooner or later your audience will boom.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, or feel like you need some more help with any of the tips mentioned in this post, leave us a comment below or visit our BLOG.

Josh is the Founder of We Imagine Media, an award-winning content marketer, best selling author and creator of the He creates and strategises content, sharing the most successful tactics with his lovely audience. He hates writing in the third person, follow him on the social links so he can get back to writing as himself.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that getting fresh eyes to your social media platforms will build brand awareness, increase web traffic, capture leads and convert customers. I think that if you were having trouble branching out and getting new people to look at your social media campaign it would be smart to look into marketing companies that could help you. I think that having professionals help you would help make sure that you would have a more successful campaign and it would help make sure that your brand could be more recognizable since they would have experience and would know what they were doing.

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