9 Videos That Your Marketing Funnel Needs Right Now

by Leah Diviney

2020 has, amongst many other things, shown itself to be the year of video marketing. Tiktok is thriving, Instagram is moving video even further into the forefront, and YouTube continues to rack up 1 billion hours of video views a day

With 81% of businesses already using video in their marketing strategies, those who aren’t are scrambling to get aboard the train.

Thankfully, working video into your marketing mix is no longer a herculean task. But there are two very important tithing you’ll need to consider before you start. 

Know Your Funnel 

video marketing mistakes conversion funnel

Knowing where you’re aiming in your content marketing funnel is step one to success. Whether your goal is awareness, consideration, or conversion, think about what you want your video to deliver and how you will measure its success. 

While acing your marketing funnel might be one thing, knowing which type of video will help you nail your goals is another. 

In this article, we’ll explain exactly which videos to run in which stages of your funnel.

Find Your Marketing Objective’s Video Soulmate 

There’s a lid for every pot and a video for every objective in the marketing funnel. 

Awareness: Videos that Demand Attention

  • Launch Videos 

If your goal is to create hype for your new product or brand, you can’t look past a launch video. Offer a rundown of what you’re all about while getting viewers excited about what’s to come.

Work some killer graphics and an epic soundtrack to your advantage to make something truly memorable.

  • Video Ads and Promos

Video ads and promos are where it’s at when you just want to get your name out there.

Plant a video-shaped seed by sharing your brand’s origin story or highlighting your values and visions. Tease all the things that set you apart from the pack without getting into the nitty-gritty to keep things safely at the top of the funnel.

Here’s a promo video for the infamous Festival that never was. Fyre:

  • Sales videos 

Lift the curtain a little with a sales video that features a face behind the brand.

Show what you’re selling and build brand awareness by leaning on authentic first-person content. Stand out from a sea of robotic corporate posts with a dash of humanity, a smiling face, and an unbeatable product. 

Consideration: Videos With a Little Give and Take  

  • Infographics 

Sell yourself as an expert at what you do with an infographic that offers valuable info. The facts and information should be the star of the show but be sure to have some fun with it.

The beauty of infographics is their ability to combine education with entertainment in one neatly packaged, absurdly shareable video. 

  • Polls and questions 

Where engagement is the name of the game, slap down some Qs, and let your audience answer them. This video style works perfectly well in newsfeeds, but the Instagram Stories poll and question stickers take audience interaction to another level.

Try a marketing content calendar for pre-made polls and question video templates — it almost couldn’t be easier. 

  • Listicle and editorial videos 

Take a topic you know a lot about and find where it fits into topics your audience wants to learn more about, then turn it into a listicle or editorial video.

Make it clear what you have to offer while building rapport and defining your brand. Much like infographics, people have a hard time resisting the charms of a good listicle vid.   

  • Social proof and testimonials 

Give your audience something to consider by showing off all the good things your customers have to say about you. Pack your video with stats and facts to amp up your credibility and secure a solid standing in your viewer’s mind. A quick and easy video filled with animated text is a great place to start. 

Conversion: videos that secure the click 

  • Explainers 

Take the guesswork out of how your product or service works with an explainer video.

Explain all the reasons why your brand is worthy of their time and money in a concise, engaging, and relevant video, showcasing what you’re selling in the process. 

  • Social proof and testimonials 

This type of video is multi-talented, showing up and delivering at two points of the content marketing funnel. Where you’re looking to convert, use social proof and testimonials to let your customers sell your products for you.

Feature a first-person video of a real customer’s review of what you do or sell, and watch them convert like no other. 

  • Sales videos 

Another double-whammy video type is the sales video, sandwiching itself at the top and bottom of the marketing funnel.

Where the goal is conversion into leads or sales, sales videos really come into their own. Make sure your video is worthy of what you’re selling.

Jam your sales video full of animated text, infographics, and images or video of your product to leave no question in your audience’s head that they’re gonna need this in their life. 

  • Sales and discounts 

Where the goal is to sell, feature your best sales and discounts in video form. Whether it’s a major shopping date like Christmas or Black Friday, or just a limited time sale, act on your audience’s readiness to pounce on a bargain.

Simply feature what you’re offering and finish with a clear call to action. Much like a good war cry, a good call to action really gets that sale adrenaline pumping. 

Play the field 

Video is versatile, and with a little creativity, the options are limitless. Don’t get stuck in a boring video rut; try your hand at a new type of video to meet your next marketing goals.

Play the video field and take note of what content your audience responds to, then target your videos to really deliver. 

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Leah is a content marketer and content manager at Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker. When Leah’s not making videos she’s watching them.

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