The Marketing Hook: How to Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Earning the trust and attention of an audience is one of the toughest jobs for marketers.

The best way to do this is with a marketing hook (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to create a killer one a little later).

A hook is an angle used in content and advertising that grabs attention, creates interest and makes an audience receptive to your message.

In other words, it gets your foot in the door.

BTW: Do not confuse a HOOK with a USP. Unique Selling Points belong to a product/service. Hooks belong to marketing and advertising content.

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Who Needs a Hook?

You. Your business partners. Your marketing manager. Your affiliates. Your competitors. Your mum. Your dad. Your second cousin.

Every business needs a hook for every piece of content or promotion it runs.

Even established businesses with huge email lists, subscribers and customers need hooks to control the attention and trust of their audience.

Take a look in your inbox and see how many emails you receive from businesses who’ve lost your attention. Do you think they’ll ever get it back? Einstein Marketer doubts it.

The moment your hook fails to grab attention, you’ll LOSE your audience FOREVER.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTA marketer who controls the attention of a small group owns a more valuable asset than one who has no control over a large audience.


Making a Hook Effective

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Attention is a hugely sought-after commodity. Every day we are bombarded with emails, notifications, updates, messages, calls, adverts…

…and all of them are begging for our attention.

If you’re going to compete, your hook needs to stick to at least one (the more, the better) of the following rules:

  1. Be different- stand out from the crowd in a world packed with attention hungry banners and updates.
  2. Have a polarising message- say something that shocks, or sides strongly with your audiences’ opinion.
  3. Reject the status quo and conformity- if you run campaigns that have the same message as everybody else, your hook won’t STAND OUT. Find something that’s wrong in your industry and use it.
  4. Be authentic- don’t create a hook that isn’t real, or lie about your opinions. This might win you attention on day one, but by the end of the month, you’ll be back where you started.

Stick around to find out how to apply these rules. Not long now, you’re almost there.


Hook Building

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Unfortunately, we can’t just hand you a killer hook on a velvet cushion.

We do it for our clients, but that’s because we know their industry, brand and products.

In order to create the attention-grabbing hook every marketer is hunting, you’re going to need a sprinkling of CREATIVITY and a dash of OUT OF THE BOX thinking.

Don’t be downhearted if you’re a paint-by-numbers kinda marketer, we’ll give you a few SHORTCUTS to the promised land.


An Einstein Marketer Theory 

There are a number of ways to create HOOKS, we’re going to show you one now, and post more hook building shortcuts over the next few weeks.

Subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to know when we publish them or check back to the BLOG when the time suits. We’re happy either way.

  1. Consider your audience. What’re their needs? Wants? Desires? Pain points? Problems?

If you’ve created a CUSTOMER AVATAR, you’ll have deep insights into your target market already.

  1. Think of a message that appeals to one of these interests/pains
  2. Research customers/competitors/authority holders that use the same message, or are experts on the subject.
  3. Look at what they’re:
    1. Saying
    2. Not saying
  4. Find something interesting that they’re NOT SAYING and apply it to the 4 rules above (MAKING A HOOK EFFECTIVE)
  5. There’s your HOOK.

EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENTMatch your HOOK with a powerful image that conveys your message. If you’re short on design skills let Design Pickle do the hard work for you.


What You Should Have 

how to create a hook content

If you’ve spent some time digging, followed our steps and applied a couple teaspoons of creativity, you should have an ATTENTION-GRABBING hook.

In other words, you’ll have a message that nobody has ever communicated to your audience.

And when you do that, crazy things happen.

If you give an audience new information, a new angle on information or communicate it in a unique way, you’ll have created an ‘AH HA’ moment for your audience, and in turn built a seriously cool connection.

Your influence and authority will be inflated BIG TIME.

And you’ll own their attention.

This is the difference between marketers who hang their hats on one-off successes (when they got lucky) and those who build a COMMUNITY of customers who buy again and again. 

A HOOK like this will set you apart.

Once we’ve earned their attention and built trust, we can turn it into PROFIT.

Pretty sweet, eh?


Keep Your Eyes Peeled  

how to create a hook in content marketing

The method we described in this post really WORKS, but occasionally we run into an industry or product that needs a change of tact in our HOOK building process.

And sometimes, we just get bored of using the same process over and over again (especially when you consider that every audience, product and promotion needs a new HOOK).

That’s no problem for us. We’ve got a treasure trove of straight forward techniques for building more.

And we’ll give them to you.

If you want a big, juicy example of one of the most ATTENTION GRABBING hooks we’ve ever created, check out HOOK building lesson no.2.

See you there.

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Director of Content at Einstein Marketer
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