5 Video Types to Market Your Business

by Adrian Brito

When it comes to branded video content, there are numerous paths you could journey down, depending on your desired outcome.

For example, if you ask two individuals to envision their ideal dinner party, one may describe a backyard BBQ, replete with music, laughter, and booze, while the other’s definition of a dinner party is a swanky five-course meal at a luxurious resort.

The takeaway: context is key.

What it ultimately comes down to is your brand’s unique message, positioning, and target audience.

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While there’s a myriad of lists circulating the internet that we encourage you to read, it’s essential to devise a workflow that aligns with your company’s goals…

…and because many of the lists are incredibly lengthy and granular, we’ve decided to simplify it for you by assembling the top five video types you can leverage for your marketing strategy.

Avoid overthinking and getting bogged down in details; just take the first step and get the ball rolling

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Brand Videos

The purpose of crafting a brand video is to showcase your company’s values, culture and mission in an engaging and unique way.

It serves as a representation of your business in a thoughtful and meaningful manner.

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It heightens your audience’s curiosity, communicates your brand’s story, and entices viewers to want to learn more and take action.

Studies show that 72% of businesses have attributed the use of video to an improved conversion rate.

An optimal brand video encompasses compelling content from other types of videos, like educational tutorials, culture-related messages, and client testimonials.

Want somer ideas for your brand video?

Educational Videos

Today’s consumers find value-based videos extremely beneficial.

Explainer videos put your company’s expertise on display while capturing SEO-related queries surrounding “hacks” and “how-to’s.”

Whether you provide your audience with insights on your products, services, processes, or workflow, or you opt to educate your viewers through tutorials, continuing ed courses, webinars, or product reviews, this type of content is more effective when separated from your general brand video.

The information you divulge in an educational video is the kind of granular content you want to get your audience excited to learn about.

Company Culture

Culture-based videos are a way to humanise your brand and supply viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at what fuels your company and gives it life.

Culture videos should be a priority for your business, as it provides you with the opportunity to create brand advocates and bolster engagement among your target audience.

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From a recruitment perspective, putting your employees on display and showcasing company outings or life at your office is a powerful way to attract workers to your brand.

Even as a consumer, these kinds of videos are a great way to communicate that your company places strong value in its people and essentially gives a face to your brand.

Client Testimonials

Whether you want to call them testimonials, reviews, or client journeys, these videos are crucial for building credibility and trust among your intended audience.

Authenticity and capturing honest, conversational dialogue that comes across as genuine is the most effective way to persuade and convert prospects into business.Click To Tweet

Want to catch powerful testimonials on film? Here are a few questions to consider asking customers:

What were your primary concerns before purchasing our products/services?

Consumers are usually swirling with hesitations before making a purchasing decision. Whether they’re concerned about the cost, the efficacy of what your company is selling, or if your product will be able to seamlessly integrate into their workflow, airing out their grievances will help tackle and address similar objections and hesitations other buyers may have.

What results did you experience once you purchased our products/services?

By immediately following up with this question, you’re providing viewers with an inside look at how your products not only satisfied other customers’ needs but also solved specific challenges they were facing.

This is a highly persuasive way for potential clients to hear from their peers about why they should choose your products or services.

What three features do you value the most?

By posing this question, you’re essentially handing the mic over to your customer advocates and allowing them to highlight (and sell) specific features that they consider to be highly valuable.

The more granular you get with your questioning, the more effective content you can pull for your final video to showcase to viewers.

What would you say to a friend that may be on the fence about moving forward with our products/services?

The most genuine language comes when an interviewee speaks conversationally as if they’re grabbing a drink and talking with a close friend.

Authenticity is an immensely persuasive selling tool and what better way to convert potential clients than to hear from someone they could relate to?

The takeaway here is to do proper research beforehand to ensure you’ve put together a strategy that’ll set you up for success.

This type of content is incredibly effective and a vital part of building brand equity, improving customer loyalty, and increasing company revenue. Just think about it:

Don’t you read reviews and do a little homework before making a purchasing decision?

Your Company’s Community

A perfect bookend to this list is creating community videos.

They piece together content from the four items mentioned above and sort them into the top of the funnel, bite-sized clips that are ideal for sharing with your social community.

Whether you leverage social platforms, email marketing, blogging, or your website, these short and compelling videos serve as buzz-worthy pointers to CTA’s, more related content, landing pages, downloadables, recruitment pages, and virtually any information you’re campaigning to put in front of the viewer’s eyes.

You can also create custom content for your communities via vlogs, podcast videos, event recaps, live streaming, and more.

Just remember to always keep in mind the platform you’re using, so you can tailor your content appropriately for that channel.

Another general rule of thumb is to avoid sharing the same content across all platforms. Instead, customise your videos and alter the run time, aspect ratio, and audience you’re targeting to keep your content fresh and innovative.

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Music, people, and traveling have always fueled my passion for business, the arts, and life itself. I am a seeker of adventure and rich experiences. Early on, I found video as the medium that could help me achieve both. I have worked with celebrity hip-hop artists and rock icons as well as executives from the healthcare industry and fortune 100. My extensive travels and my craft have now merged into what I do for Think Branded Media.

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