Detonate Your Facebook Ads With This Must Have Tool

If you could discover any information about your website traffic, what would it be?

  • Their interests?
  • Demographics?
  • Geographic location?
  • Income?
  • Purchase behaviour?

And what value would you put on that information?

The truth is, it’s priceless.

When it comes to marketing, the more we know about a customer, the more likely we are to reach them with the correct offer.

That’s why the FACEBOOK PIXEL rocks our world.

Somewhere, out there in a deep, dark hidden corner of the world, there’s a graveyard for failed businesses.

It’s filled with businesses that boasted amazing products, passionate managers and carefully developed sales systems.

The reason those businesses died? They couldn’t find their audience.

There’s no excuse anymore.

facebook pixel guide

A Facebook PIXEL will hand you a crazy amount of information about your traffic, help you expand your audience reach and track those who visit your site.

So, what exactly is a FACEBOOK PIXEL?

Einstein Marketer can feel a definition coming on…

A PIXEL (commonly known as a COOKIE) is a small snippet of code that PIXELS the browser of a visitor when they enter your site and anonymously follows them around the internet.

Pretty cool, eh?

What can we do with it?

Facebook pixel help

The possibilities are (almost) endless, but we’ve trimmed them down to 3 MASSIVE opportunities for your business’ marketing strategy:

  1. Gather information

As we stated earlier, the more we know about our customers, the more likely we are to reach them with the correct offer.

Gathering information allows us to develop a greater understanding of our market’s PAIN POINTS and INTERESTS

This information guarantees to sharpen our ad campaigns.

  1. Retarget

Ever been followed around the web by a product you viewed but didn’t buy?

That’s because you were PIXELLED and RETARGETED.

Pixelling allows us adopt this cheap, effective and automatic advertising strategy.

Once we’ve set up our PIXEL and got to grips with retargeting, we can set up an automatic advertising machine, that constantly sends SPECIFIC OFFERS to SPECIFIC AUDIENCES.

  1. Create audiences with similar interests 

Our pixel is installed in all the browsers that visit our site and Facebook already has a wealth of knowledge about these users.

What can we do with it?

Create Lookalike Audiences.

This GAME CHANGING technology finds interests that correlate throughout your entire PIXELLED traffic, then searches their database for people with those exact same interests.

This audience building strategy can increase your reach 10x, in the click of a button.


Facebook pixel guide getting started

Your business cannot afford another day without a FACEBOOK PIXEL! It’s time we got one.

Firstly, you’ll need to have a Facebook Business Manager Account set up. Don’t panic, there’s nothing to it. Read our 5 Simple Steps to Creating an Account.

When you’ve got the account, follow these navigation instructions:

Events manager> Pixels> Add Data Source> Facebook Pixel.

Facebook will walk you through the rest of the job from there.

If you need more information Facebook have a REALLY USEFUL pixel guide. Don’t worry, Einstein Marketer has it linked, HERE.


facebook pixel help

Every day that slips by without a PIXEL on your website is a wasted opportunity. You’re missing out on priceless information, retargeting opportunities and the chance to grow your audience.

We cannot stress the importance of this GAME CHANGING technology enough.

So, what are you waiting for? Install it!

If there’s something you feel like we’ve missed, or a step you’d like us to cover in greater depth, SEND US A MESSAGE HERE, leave us a comment below or check back to our BLOG for more information.

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