The Unbelievable Effects of Video Retargeting

by Josh Barney

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Ever looked at a product…

…and then seen ads for it ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE?

This is known as retargeting.

It’s basically a system that allows businesses to track your interactions with their brand, and then, show SPECIFIC and RELEVANT ads to you, based on those interactions…


Imagine you view a stapler on an online stationery store.

The store knows (without doing any work/research) exactly what stapler you considered purchasing.

They’re then able to provide relevant ads (about that same stapler), all over social media.

Pretty cool, right?

It’s even cooler when you consider that users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert to paying customers.


98% of users’ don’t purchase on their first visit to a digital shop.

Want to know more about retargeting? Check out, Retargeting: The What, Why and How. Or, for more information about setting up an automated retargeting machine, visit The Automated Ad Machine.

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Video: The Hottest Topic

video retargeting marketing trends 2018

It’d be stupid for us to say video’s killing it right now because VIDEO’S BEEN KILLING IT FOR AGES.

Over 100 Million hours of video is watched on Facebook every day and more than 50% of those videos are viewed on mobile.

And…it’s growing!

An increase in mobile users viewing content, shopping online and visiting social media platforms will see the already powerful strategy of video marketing…


…even more!!!

Yes, that’s right. The days of playing Jenga with your family are over. They’re all on their phones, watching social media videos! And so are you!


Videos are Retargeting Grenades  

video retargeting marketing funnel

When we retarget, we’re reaching an audience who have already interacted with our brand/business…

…in other words, they’re further through our conversion funnel.

This audience is aware of us, and are either considering purchasing or in need of more proof that our product/service is right for them…

…and other than a face-to-face conversation, nothing trumps a video.

As a retargeting tool, videos allow you to build a relationship with your prospect, personify your brand and reach specific audiences with specific content.

Videos are so good that they’re estimated to increase conversions by a MASSIVE 6-30%.

Imagine what an extra 30% of income could do for your business. That gold-plated helicopter might be in reach after all!


Facebook Loves Them Too

video retargeting marketing

 Because videos entertain and engage an audience ON their platform, Facebook LOVE THEM.

[quote type=”rect”]<strong>EINSTEIN MARKETER MOMENT</strong> –Facebook’s main concern is the quality of their users’ experience.[/quote]

How do we know Facebook loves them?

They allow us to run video ads for SUPER LOW PRICES.

This means we can get 1000’s of views, for barely any marketing spend.

Here’s a screenshot of an Einstein Marketer video that’s been boosted in Facebook Business Manager:

video retargeting engagement

Yep, £0.01 per result (and that’s still pretty high).

Let’s compare that to television adverts.

On television your audience can only be targeted by what show they’re watching (not nearly as specific as RETARGETING), they cost LOADS and the results are immeasurable (most people don’t even watch television adverts!).

Retargeted Facebook ads can do so much more than that and at a FRACTION OF THE COST.


Types of Retargeted Videos

video retargeting marketing

The visitor is interested in your product, but hasn’t purchased yet…

…so, we’re going to run a retargeted video that deals with the possible reasons for NOT PURCHASING.

That doesn’t mean opening with, ‘Why the hell haven’t you bought my damn product yet! Buy it! Now!’

Successful retargeted videos need to create trust, reveal problem-solving solutions and overcome buying issues.

Here are a few video ideas to get you started:


  1. Testimonials-

Have you got a ton of happy customers? Has your product changed anybody’s life?

Ask happy customers to appear in testimonials. People will trust those who’ve been through your buying process a lot more than you!

And make sure they’re relatable to your target market.


  1. Objection handling-

Are you often faced with the same objections? Why not create a video that deals with the problem?

Whatever you do, just don’t highlight problems. Emphasise strengths and reasons that negate objections without mentioning them!

E.g. if price is an objection, create a retargeted ad that offers leads the chance to pay in installments. You don’t have to say your original price is high, just tell them that the new installment plan is A BARGAIN and VERY EASY.


  1. Create scarcity-

If customers are taking too long to buy, create limited-time offers, or discount deals that restrict your leads freedom of choice.

These videos tap into a viewer’s FOMO (fear of missing out) and are awesome converters.

You don’t have to JUST offer discounts either. Check out our Northern Lights Scarcity post in the related articles at the bottom of this page.


Retargeted Videos: How To

video retargeting facebook retargeted videos facebook

With all that information under your belt, you’re probably desperate to get started, right?

If you’re worried that retargeting might be too technical, don’t sweat, it’s a doddle with the help of our guides.

In order to create your video retargeting campaigns, follow these lessons IN ORDER:

  1. Facebook Pixel- Must Have Tool
  2. Facebook Audiences in a Nutshell
  3. Retargeting: What, Why and How
  4. Retargeting: The Automated Ad Machine
  5. (Optional lesson, if you want to optimise) 3 Big Questions About Your Ad Campaigns


Make sure you take those lessons in ascending order, from 1 to 4 (or 5).

Otherwise, it won’t work or make sense.

Did you love this blog? What do you think about video retargeting? Leave a comment or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as Einstein Marketer’s social media manager has stopped talking about his 1 table tennis victory.


Retargeting: What, Why and How 

Retargeting: Automated Ad Machine

Scarcity in Marketing

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